How to prepare Meals From Your Pantry During the COVID-19 outbreak


Today we are sharing some very basic meals you can make mostly from staples you would have in your pantry already. Included below is a list of all the staples we would suggest having on hand at any time, in case you are planning a trip to the store to stock your pantry.

With the coronavirus outbreak happening worldwide at the moment, and as of yesterday, schools in our region closed, many are in panic mode. We are here to share ideas of how to take a step back, and make food and meal prep easier and less stressful. One little thing to help relieve the pressure of “being prepared” for the unknown. 


These are the ideal basics I would want on hand any time:

  • canned goods including meats, soups, tomatoes, beans, vegetables, etc…
  • bottles sauces for pasta 
  • bottles salsa
  • seasonings that your family loves (our fave seasoning mixes)
  • fresh garlic
  • potatoes
  • onions
  • carrots
  • powdered milk
  • baking basics like Flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, baking soda and shortening
  • peanut butter (or other favourite spreads)
  • condiments
  • rice and quinoa
  • pasta (a variety)
  • baking mixes (pancake and/ or biscuit mixes)
  • soup stocks (purchased or homemade
  • cooking oils


Now, here are some of the meal options you can make with the ingredients above. Be creative and use seasonings to change things up. Some of these meal ideas will include staples like bread and common condiments, but most are likely things you have on hand in your pantry.


You would need bread (make this simple one), wraps or such, plus the following pantry items:

  • Peanut Butter & Jam (peanut butter or any nut butter and jam or jelly) – A fun variation, if you have bananas & wraps on hand, is to spread tortilla wrap with PB & J then place a banana at one side of the wrap and roll it up. Cut in 1-2 inch sections and serve.
  • Tuna (canned tuna & mayo) – you can add lettuce, onion or celery if you have them on hand.
  • Flaked Turkey, Chicken, Ham (canned meat & mayo) – you can add lettuce, cheese, onion or celery if you have them on hand.
Hot Meals
  • Burrito Bowl (rice, beans, veggies, seasonings)
  • Corned Beef Hash (Canned corn beef and potatoes)- Leftover boiled potatoes and a can of corned beef diced up to make a quick, easy and filling meal. Fry them up in a frying pan and serve. You can also add cooked carrots or other root veggies you may have on hand.
  • Basic Pasta and Sauce (pasta and bottled tomato or cream sauce) – Simple and you can definitely add a can of mushrooms, sautee some onions, or other veggies to the mix. If you have ground meat on hand, cook it up and add for a more filling meal.
  • Goulash (pasta, canned tomatoes, ground beef / canned mushrooms) – Basic goulash is an easy, crowd-pleasing option to whip up from the pantry. Traditionally we add ground beef, but if you have no fresh meat on hand, add a can of mushrooms or some cheese for a hearty meal.
  • Chili (canned tomatoes, kidney beans, corn, mushrooms, etc) – Combine the ingredients with chili seasoning in a slow cooker or instant pot, or on your stovetop. You can add ground meat if you have some in the freezer. 
  • Soup (canned soup, broth, or make it homemade) – In an emergency situation, you may not have access to fresh ingredients, so having some canned soups on hand is an easy meal. If you are like me, you may have veggies scraps or bones in your freezer. This is a great time to make soup with those scraps. You can add frozen or canned veggies, or root vegetables, to make a hearty soup. Serve with crackers, homemade biscuits or this simple bread. We have some of these soup mixes made in our cupboard as well.
  • Roasted Veggies (Potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc, and frozen broccoli, beans, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, etc) – Make a pan of roasted veggies, add seasonings and serve with your favourite creamy salad dressing or butter.
  • Pancakes(from scratch or a baking mix) 
Other Pantry Staples That Can Be Made Into Meals In A Pinch
  • Rice or Quinoa – Rinse, then boil in a pot, microwave to cook or use a large frying pan to prepare. Once cooked, add seasonings and some canned or frozen veggies, or stir fry in an egg.
  • Bean Salad (canned beans, a variety, vinegar, garlic, etc) – See some recipes on our Pinterest board for all ingredients.
  • Salsa (prepared jar of salsa) – Add salsa to baked potatoes, eggs or other dishes to change up the flavours of some of the staples you are preparing.
  • Onion Rings (onions, instant potatoes, seasonings, water or egg) – use instant potatoes as a coating to make your own baked onion rings!
  • Instant Potatoes – Make onion rings, as mentioned above, or use them to make homemade gnocchi. 


Check out our Pinterest board with more ideas of Pantry Meals!

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