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At Everything Unscripted, we run on good coffee, convenient homecooked family meals, and loads of learning & fun!

Since 2011, Ruth Ann at Everything Unscripted has been helping families live a more consumer-conscious and productive life. From smart spending strategies, recipes, and meal planning tips, to travel and supporting the local economy, we have shared our family’s adventures in order to help other families live their best life.

We love a good family recipe, a solid meal plan, and cooking together as a family. Our adventures involve family and pet-friendly exploring in our home province of New Brunswick, on the East Coast of Canada, and beyond.

Everything Unscripted is your resource to use when planning Family, Food, Travel, and FUN in New Brunswick.

Family Fun

As the weather cools down we start planning our weekend adventures and fall outings. 

6 Fall Family Activities In New Brunswick 

Here are some ideas for family day trips around New Brunswick (we will be adding many new ideas to this list soon).

New Brunswick Family Day Trips & Destinations
Roadside Attractions In New Brunswick – We have lots!

Tips for Road Trips

Summer Road Trip Check List
Road Tripping – An Organized Vehicle

From travel ideas and activities to recipes and crafts, we have got you covered. Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram and Facebook for highlights and videos of what our family is up to.

Helping You Save

52 Week Savings Jar

Do you need a visual way to save a little extra money this year? Try out a weekly/daily savings jar. Here are some tips and printable tracking sheets to start your savings jar today!

8 Ways To Save Money On Books

We love books and are always drawn to buying new ones. We know there are libraries, digital books, etc. but sometimes you just want that paper version to keep…Here are 8 ways to save on books!


We have many years of meal planning tips and examples for you. Some of them are linked below.

Meal Planning And Prep

This is my step by step for how to meal plan and prep, helping you save both time and money every day.

40+ Weekly Meal Plans for $25 or less

Links to more than 40 examples of $25 family meal plans. 5 supper meals for $25 or less (based on sales). This is a great resource to refer to and save recipe ideas for frugal meals.

Meal Prep Examples

Meal prepping will help you save both time and money in the kitchen. By partially or fully prepping meals ahead of time, you will have less food waste. You will also free up time during your busy week by spending less time in the kitchen daily. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Remember to follow along on Instagram and Facebook for highlights and videos of what our family is up to.

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