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Since 2011, we have been focused on creating ways to support Atlantic Canadian Families in living a more frugal life without limitations. From meal planning and family recipes to activities and travel, we have built a community both online and offline that shares the joys of family life on the East Coast.

We will always encourage families to learn about the people and places surrounding them by sharing opportunities to explore and support local businesses & destinations.

Everything Unscripted is your resource to use when planning Family, Food, Travel, and FUN in New Brunswick and beyond.


Who is excited to get out and enjoy the cooler weather? The Winter and Holiday seasons are here!!

The Best Sliding Hills in New Brunswick are highlighted here by community. This resource was created in collaboration with our readers.

We update this Winter Sleigh Rides in New Brunswick resource each year. Check it out for a fun family Winter adventure.

Below you will find a few activities and resources to enjoy this Holiday Season with your Family!

From travel ideas and activities to recipes and crafts, we have got you covered. Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram and Facebook for highlights and videos of what our family is up to.

2021 Hallmark Movies Guide

Christmas Tree Craft -Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Pinecone Tree Craft

Hosting A Holiday Cookie Exchange

New Brunswick Family Day Trips & Destinations


We have many years of meal planning tips and examples for you. Some of them are linked below.

Meal Planning And Prep

This is my step by step for how to meal plan and prep, helping you save both time and money every day.

40+ Weekly Meal Plans for $25 or less

Links to more than 40 examples of $25 family meal plans. 5 supper meals for $25 or less (based on sales). This is a great resource to refer to and save recipe ideas for frugal meals.

Meal Prep Examples

Remember to follow along on Instagram and Facebook for highlights and videos of what our family is up to.

We are also staying on top of Daily Covid updates for New Brunswick including School Closures and Notifications.