$25 Meal Plan – Dec 10/18

Here is this week's $25 weekly meal plan. This week's plan includes Hamburgers with Homemade Buns & Oven Fries, Hamburger Soup & Biscuits, Garlic Butter Chicken & Pasta, and Pasta Goulash.

The whole idea in sharing these plans is to inspire you to find lower cost options and plan ahead to save time and money. If you have specific dietary needs, you can alter some recipes or create your own plans. This is for inspiration, to prove it is possible to feed a family of 4 for supper meals on $25/week...customize as you wish. You can do it!

$25 Meal Plan – August 26th

Here is this week's $25 weekly meal plan. We are sharing ideas for meals that cost approximately $5 each, in these meal plans. Some week's I get them under $25 and some weeks a few dollars over. It is a great guideline and idea started for your meal planning efforts!

This Week's Menu includes Corn on the Cob and Irish Soda Bread, Scallop Potato & Roasted Ham, Spaghetti & Garlic Toast, Lemon Garlic Shrimp & Pasta and Potato Salad with leftover ham.