Meal Plan Monday- January 15th

Meal Plan Monday – Jan 15


Each week I will am sharing our family's meal plan. This is our actual meal plan, not the $25 meal plan. There will be two seperate posts each week. Thrifty Thursday will be the day for sharing the $25 meal plans.

There are 5 supper meals planned below, as weekends are usually left overs, possibly take out or something already prepped in freezer.


My Journey – Living Healthier

My Healthy Journey - the ups, the downs and living the lifestyle!

My Health Journey started in July 2016 when I had just had enough. Over the years I had gained weight, 10 pounds here and 5 pounds there. In July I weighed 250lb, around what I was when I had my first baby. Over the last 14 years I was up and down between 210lbs and 230lbs. The jump to 250 happened over the winter of 2016 and I could feel it.

My first steps to take were small, changing little things here and there. Each week I feel better, the weight is slowly coming off, which is how I want it. It took a long time to gain, so I am not expecting an overnight weight loss. I am using no gimmicks, eating real food, drinking lots of water and trying to add more exercise to my life.

Through sharing this journey I am hoping to accomplish two things:
  1. I hope through reading my blog, this inspires even one person to make positive healthy changes for themselves.
  2. By sharing publicly what I am doing, I feel more accountable to myself to continue and move toward my goal.

Here is my journey unfolding:

My Health Journey Week 1a: the starting point to a healthier me

My Health Journey Week 1b: Over the Years – Turning Point

My Health Journey Week 2: Keep Moving

My Health Journey Week 3: Calories

My Health Journey Week 4: One Month Results & Thoughts

My Health Journey: Cheesies, Hickory Sticks and Beer! Oh My!


My Health Journey week 6-7 : it’s not easy, but it can be done

My Health Journey: Food, Fuel & A New Perspective (09/15/16)

My Health Journey – Getting the hang of this, I think (10/10/16)

My Health Journey - 8 Week Challenge in Review (Dec 2016)


My Health Journey - more than just weight loss

My Health journey - reflections...back to the gym & moving forward

My Health Journey - In Need Of A Little Inspiration (03/02/17)

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Healthy Living - The Journey Continues (10/17/17)

Healthy Living - I Survived Week 1 At The Gym


$25 Meal Plan – Jan 11th

Here is this week's $25 weekly meal plan.

These meal plans are suggestions for anyone trying to really cut costs, while keeping meals as "real food" and as unprocessed as possible. These are not my personal weekly meal plans, I will be sharing these in a separate post from now on. 

Please comment, offer suggestions, ask questions and share recipes. This feature is to help people see it IS possible to eat well on a tight budget.

This weekly (more…)

Deals Of The Week Jan 11- 18

Prices featured in our Deals Of the Week are the Atlantic Canadian Prices in this week’s published flyers.

Please note: all coupons listed in our Deals Of The Week are not necessarily available to find in stores or inserts right at the moment.

i.e. The coupons found on tear pads or in magazines from a few months ago may have expiry dates in August or December. They would be hard to find now, but many of us have them to use still.

CLICK HERE for a list of coupon abbreviations

I hope this clarifies why you may not be able to find some of them.


Printable Coupons available HERE on our Smartsource Portal and HERE in my complete list of Printables.

Here are this week's match ups and deals. Feel free to comment below if you spot more in the flyers.


  • Chicken Breasts or Thighs $3.99/lb
  • 4lb Bag Apples $2.99 - $0.50 (cash back Checkout 51 ) = $2.49
  • Atlantic Butter $3.33
  • Cashmere  $4.99 - $1 (print, or ultra Walmart mag coup)=$3.99
  • Sponge Towels $4.99 - $1 (print)=$3.99
  • Carver's Bacon $1.99
  • Maple Leaf flaked meat $0.88
  • Always Infinity $3.99 - $1 (package) =$2.99
  • Crest $1 - $2 wyb2 (print) = FREE
  • Graves Apple Juice $1
  • Catelli Pasta $0.99
  • Primo Pasta sauce $0.99


  • Arm & Hammer Laundry Det. $2.99 - $0.75 (print) = $2.24
  • U By Kotex $2.99



  • Catelli Garden Select $1
  • Mini Carrots 340g $0.98
  • 2pk Green Onions $0.98
  • Dole Garden Salad or Coleslaw $0.98
  • ML Hot Dogs $1.99
  • Quaker Cereals $1.98
  • Italpasta $0.67
  • Primo Soup $1


  • Old Dutch Laundry 3/$5 = $1.67
  • Garnier Fructis 2/$5 - $1 (print) = $1.50
  • Aylmer Tomato Soup 5/$2


  • 4lb Bag Apples $2.88 - $0.50 (sach back Checkout 51 ) = $2.38
  • Chicken Drumbsticks or Thighs $1.88/lb
  • Chapman's Novelties $1.88 - $4 (mail out voucher) = 2 Free
  • Eggs $1.88
  • 3 Romaine Hearts $2.88
  • Cauliflower $2.88
  • Lean Ground Beef $2.88/lb
  • Pillers Deli meat $1.88 - $1 (print)= $0.88 
  • 4pk Bagels $0.88
  • Huggie's Wipes $2.99 - $1.50 WYB2 (print)=$2.25 each
  • Pamper's Wipes $2.99 - $1 (print, or cash back Checkout 51 )= $1.99
  • Crest $1 - $2 wyb2 (print) = FREE
  • Barilla Pasta 2/$1.88
  • Danino Drinkable Yogurt $2.88 - $0.75 (print) = $2.13


  • (SAT&SUN) Spend Your Points Event (38,000pts=$75 // 50,000= $105 // 95,000 = $210)
  • (SAT&SUN)  Downy Fabric Softener $2.99 - $1 (print)=$1.99
  • (SAT&SUN) Eggs $1.88


  • (Thurs/Fri/Sat) Pork Tenderloin $2.88/lb
  • (Thurs/Fri/Sat) 10lb Russet Potatoes $1.88
  • (Thurs/Fri/Sat) Big 8 2L pop $0.88
  • Frozen Shrimp BOGO Free $9.99= $5 / pack
  • Mr. Noodles BOGO Free $0.50 = $0.25
  • Huggies Baby Wipes BOGO Free $3.99 - $1.50 WYB2 (print)=$1.25 each


  • Yoplait Tubes $1.48
  • Red & Green Seedless Grapes $0.97/lb ($0.25 cash back on Caddle)

Meal Plan Monday – Jan 8

Each week I will share our family's meal plan. This is our actual meal plan, not the $25 meal plan. They will be two seperate posts each week.

There will be 5 supper meals planned below, as weekends are usually left overs, possibly take out or something already prepped in freezer. (more…)

Meal Prep Sunday – Jan 7, 2018

Sunday Meal Prep - healthier and back to a routine!

This week is all about getting back on track with planning, prepping and making healthier choices. 

My meal prep is done for all of our meals, so there are some breakfast, lunch, supper and snack preparations happening in this post each week. This week we are having a variety of meals stemming from some great deals on veggies, chicken and ground beef. 

What I did to prep this week:


Travel With Us!

When it comes to family travel, I truly believe in exploring where we are from. We love day trips, weekend adventures and exploring the Canadian Maritime Provinces.

We are sharing mainly our weekend wanderings, day trips within 2-3 hours of Moncton, NB (where we are from), and some longer adventures we have had in Atlantic Canada. 

Any other travel will be shared in the appropriate categories.

Travel Tips


Day Tripping In NB

Discover NB Beaches

Where To Eat


Day tripping in NS

Weekend Wanders


Weekend Wanders

Where have you been lately, and what have you learned in your own back yard?