11 Free Family Activities In Moncton

As a mom of two, who are several years apart in age, it can often be hard to find things to do with both kids. Here is my list for a family with various ages of children, with all free activities to do in the city of Moncton!

There are also many other activities to do in surrounding areas, and this list can give you ideas of what to look up in Riverview, Dieppe, Shediac and beyond.

My boys are 10 years apart, so we look for activities that will be of interest to both of them. Most of the list below would work for their ages, with a little creativity added in on our part. Add a picnic lunch, give them cameras to explore and capture the details, etc…

1. Moncton Public Library

photo credit monctonpubliclibrary.ca

The Library offers various programs for all ages, including access to toys, iPads, computers and more. It is a fantastic spot to entertain the kids for a few hours, and for mom and Dad to have a chance to read or get some work done. Check their site, here, for more details of monthly activities. Kids Activities (babies to Teen), Makerspace (older, teen +).

2. Nature Parks

There are some lovely nature parks around Moncton, including Irishtown, Mapleton Park, and so many more. Check here for Moncton locations and maps.

Get the family out and enjoy walking, taking photos, tracking your walk or things you see in a field journal. Also, talking about the different types of fauna and flora, waterways and such, is a great educational outing. Just enjoy what nature has to offer!

Pack a picnic and enjoy a meal out in nature.

The protection of these areas is a priority for the City. No hunting, trapping, fishing, or harvesting of any plants or wildlife is permitted within any of the Nature Parks.

3. Playgrounds

Centennial Park Playground, Moncton, NB

Perfect for kids up to about 12, playgrounds often feature climbing equipment, swings, slides and a green space, for playing frisbee or flying a kite. If you have an older child who likes shooting hoops, or throwing a football, a playground can be a great family option for a few hours of fun!

You can check out the different playgrounds, parks etc in Moncton on this map


4. Splash Pads

Too hot to play outside? Why not head to a park with a splash pad. Our favourites include Centennial Park, with changing facilities and washrooms, Fairview Knoll, includes a port a potty, and All Wheels Park on Noel St. 

There are many splash pads in the Greater Moncton area though, so be sure to look here for details on playgrounds with water features.

5. Walking / Biking Trails

Another option is to get everyone out walking or biking on some of our well kept trails around the city of Moncton.

The Northwest Trail (map), is just around the corner from us, I use it daily walking our dog. It runs from Charles Lutes Rd to Vaughn Harvey, a total of 10kms.

There are also a few other designated Moncton city trails at: 

  • Riverfront Park (map)
  • Humphrey’s Brook Trail (map, Lewisville Rd to Harrisville Rd)
  • Rabbit Brook Trail(map, from Plaza to Connaught)
  • Fairview Knoll Trail (map, various routes, view map).
  • Centennial Park, on St. George St, offers some great biking and walking trails as well as splash pad, playgrounds, sports fields and more. (map )
  • Mapleton Park (map)
  • Irishtown Park (map)


6. Skateboard /  BMX / Scooter / Inline Skating Parks

Three locations across the city provide fun and unique recreational experiences for skateboarders, inline skaters, BMX bikers and scooter riders. All parks are open year-round (weather permitting). These parks are unsupervised and free to use. Please keep in mind they are open to all age and skill levels, so allow younger and less experienced users a chance to experience them as well.

Downtown Skate Park: Located along Riverfront Park, this is a varied concrete structure, and is lighted at night. Open until midnight.

CN Sportplexe Bike Park: Located at 55 Russ Howard Dr., is a modular space providing a variety of structures for bikers of all ability levels. Open until dusk.

Renton All-Wheels Park: Located at 280 Noel St. , providing skateboarders, inline skaters, scooter riders and bikers of all levels enjoy the varied play options. Open until dusk.

7. Free Festivals & Music

During the summer months, there are several festivals and free music concerts around Moncton. From Canada Day celebrations with concerts and fireworks to Festival Inspire (mural map), parades, car shows and more, watch for opportunities to get out with the family and enjoy our beautiful city.

There are free concerts in the summer months:

  • Victoria Park – Tuesdays at 7 pm
  • Downtown Place (Canada Street) – Thursdays at 12 pm & 7 pm
  • Moncton Market – Saturdays at 11 am

 You can view the Acoustica Free Concerts here for what groups are performing throughout the summer.

8. Tour the Art Around The City

There are more than 50 public art pieces and murals, that add character and charm to Moncton’s buildings and streets. These displays include murals, mosaic works, and sculptures. Take the family for a walk in the downtown core and find colourful murals along building walls. Moncton Public Art MAP &  Festival Inspire mural map.

Abstract and traditional sculptures at the Université de Moncton showcase the talents of several contemporary artists. There is also the Moncton Gallery, located on the main level of City Hall.

9. Heritage & Cultural Walks

Explore Moncton’s many public art installations, murals and heritage properties! Using the map found here,  learn about our diversity and beautiful history, including art, and historic buildings & businesses.

 10. Free Activities at Stores

Check for weekend activities being offered at stores. Some to watch for, Chapters offers activities every Saturday, Home Depot has kids workshops on the second Saturday of each month, and Toys R Us hosts Lego events on occasion. 

Watch for special events like Free Comic Book Day, usually with special events at Gamzilla and 

11. Free Drop In Playgroups & Open Gyms

There are weekly and sometimes daily activities that are free for parents and children to attend around Moncton. Early Childhood Family Resource Center offers playgroups for various ages up to 5, Crossman Community Center has drop in Open Gym times in mornings and afternoons for various ages as well. Even offering a Saturday evening session for grades 9 thru 12.


*Please double check with businesses for scheduled times and access to sites, they may vary by season or day.

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  1. There are so many great things to do in Moncton, definitely something for everyone in the family!

  2. Lolë Moncton has several free workshops and events for the community. They are always listed on the Lolë Moncton facebook page.
    There is everything from free yoga to free bootcamp classes .. free eft tapping , free wellness seminars.. the list really is endless !!

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