Roadside Attractions In New Brunswick

New Brunswick has many roadside attractions, hidden gems and unique places to add to your next road trip! We created this list of Roadside Attractions In New Brunswick in hopes that you slow down, take time to explore and stop a while next time you are on the road in New Brunswick. These are short stops, not activities that take hours, but a place to stop, look,  have a bite to eat or stretch your legs. Pack a picnic lunch and bring your camera, snap a photo at some of these fun attractions. Feel free to share on social using hashtag #StopToSeeNB so we can see all the fun you have!

Updated Summer 2021.

Watch for more details coming on Attractions around New Brunswick, that will require more planning and time to enjoy. Or visit our Day Trips In NB post here, we are adding to this post as we visit more places.

Saint John & Southern Region of New Brunswick

Salmon Run sculptures throughout uptown Saint John. There are more than 20 pieces in this art installation. Find more info and a map here.

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Bronze Moose – A bronze sculpture of a Bull Moose that the artist named the Moosehead Challenger, is located outside Market Square, along the Market Slip Boardwalk, in Saint John, NB.

Sculpture Trail – There are sculptures all over Southern New Brunswick, made from stone found in local quarries. You can download a map, or their app here.

Giant Blueberry – Located at Granite Town farms storefront in St. George. Visit their website and you can even book a tour of the family owned Wild Blueberry Farm.

Water Stone Statue by James Boyd – Located in St. george

St Andrew’s whale sculpture on the Wharf.

Covered Bridges – New Brunswick is known for it’s covered bridges. Here are the ones in the Saint John and Southern Region of NB.

  • Darlings Island Bridge (Darlings Island Rd, Darlings Island, NB)
  • Smithtown Bridge (Damascus Rd, Hampton, NB)
  • Bayswater Bridge (on route 845 near Milkish Creek rd, Bayswater, NB)
  • Tynemouth Creek Bridge (Tynermouth Creek Rd, Simonds, NB)
  • Hardscrabble Bridge (Vaughan Creek Rd, St. Martins, NB)
  • Vaughn Creek Bridge (Big Salmon River Rd, St. Martin’s, NB)
  • Mill PondBridge, (Little Lepreau Rd, Little Lepreau, NB)
  • Canal Stream Bridge (121 Canal Rd, Canal, NB)
  • McGuire Covered Bridge (NB-760, Saint Patrick, NB)
  • McCann Bridge (NB-770, Dumbarton, NB)
  • Dumbarton Covered Bridge (10 Tryon Rd, Flume Ridge, NB E6K 2C4)
  • Flume Ridge Bridge (Mill Rd, Dumbarton, NB)
  • Maxwell Crossing Bridge (155 Maxwell Crossing Rd, Saint Stephen, NB)

Sussex Region 

Murals in Sussex – There are 27 panoramic murals around town, making it a lovely drive and stop on your NB Road Trip. 

Daisy and Buttercup In Sussex – Stop for a break at the larger than life Cow and her calf, representing Sussex as the Dairy Capital of the Maritimes. (Smith’s Creek Rd, off Route 1 at exit 195, across from Irving gas station in Four Corners, NB, Sussex Area) The perfect pit stop with ample parking, a gas station across the street with washrooms and coffee.

“Blowhard” The Bony Horse – Located in Penobsquis NB, as part of the Animaland Campground.


Covered Bridges – New Brunswick is known for it’s covered bridges. Here are the ones in the Sussex Region.

  • Plumweseep Covered Bridge (62 Plumweseep Rd, Plumweseep, NB)
  • Salmon Covered Bridge (Smiths Creek Rd, Sussex, NB)
  • Moores Mill Covered Bridge (919 Waterford Rd, Waterford, NB)
  • Urney Covered Bridge (32 Urney Rd, Waterford, NB)
  • Malone Covered Bridge (430 Upper Goshen Rd, Elgin, NB)
  • MacFarlane Covered Bridge  (Wards Creek Rd, Sussex, NB)
  • Tranton Covered Bridge 5447 (Roachville Rd, Roachville, NB)
  • Millstream Covered Bridge (Pleasant Ridge Branch Rd, Berwick, NB)
  • Marven Covered Bridge (179 Swamp Rd, Springfield, NB)
  • Bloomfield Creek Bridge (20-56 Bloomfield Station Rd, Norton, NB)*Map address*
  • Starkey Bridge (Starkey Rd, Johnston, NB)

Moncton & Fundy Region Of New Brunswick


Magnetic Hill –  The Giant Magnet at the entryway to Magnetic Hill is a great spot for a photo! Magnetic Hill is an optical illusion. Drive down the hill, put your car in neutral and it will go backwards up the hill. There is a fee for access to this attraction. While there, you can also visit the shops at the Magnetic Hill Warf Village (some great photo opportunity here), The Magnetic Hill Zoo, or Magic Mountain Water and Amusement Park. Situated just off Highway 2 at exit 450, take Magic Mountain Rd .

Magnetic Hill Wharf Village has great photo backdrops

Murals in Moncton – Take a walk around Moncton and see some of the more than 50 art works & sculptures. Here is a cultural map, including the murals created during Festival Inspire.

Prayer Mountain Mini Church – 47379 Homestead Road, Steeves Mountain, NB

World’s Largest Silver Fox – There is a large sculpture of a Silver Fox at the Irving Big Stop on the Trans Canada Highway in Salisbury, NB.

Source: Sylvia Morice

World’s Largest Sandpiper – Created from a single log, this wood carving of a Sandpiper is located on Main St in Dorchester, NB. Each year, between mid-July and mid-September, more than 80% of the world’s Semipalmated Sandpipers flock to the shores of Johnson’s Mills. 

Covered Bridges – New Brunswick is known for it’s covered bridges. Here are Covered Bridges in the Moncton & Fundy Region.

  • Point Wolf Bridge (Fundy National Park, Point Wolfe Rd, Alma, NB)
  • Lower 45 Bridge (600 45 Rd, Alma, NB)
  • Germantown Bridge (60 Midway Rd, Harvey, NB)
  • Sawmill Creek (5431 Main St, Hopewell Hill, NB)
  • Crooked Creek Bridge (350 Crooked Creek Rd, Hopewell, NB)
  • Hartley Steeves Bridge (NB-910, Salem, NB)
  • William Mitton Bridge (12-14 Mitton Rd, Turtle Creek, NB)
  • Bamford Colpitts Bridge (5057 NB-895, Colpitts Settlement, NB)
  • Hasty Covered Bridge (27 Powers Pit Rd, Salisbury, NB)
  • Wheaton Bridge (32 High Marsh Rd, Sackville, NB)
  • Boudreau Covered Bridge (Chemin Gayton, Memramcook, NB)

Miramichi & Central Region of New Brunswick

Canada’s Largest Fishing Hook – The Veteran’s Fly, located at the corner of Main Street and South Bartholomew Road in Blackville, NB, was conceptualized by local business owner Hugh Hallihan in 2005, the Year of the Veteran.

Bruce The Moose – Another large moose statue, this one located in Doaktown, NB

McNamee / Priceville Footbridge – At 200 meters, this is the longest suspension footbridge in New Brunswick, spanning the Southwest Miramichi at McNamee, approximately 12 km west of Doaktown.

Covered Bridges – New Brunswick is known for it’s covered bridges. Miramichi and Central NB covered bridges are listed below.

  • Nelson Hollow Bridge – (believed to be the oldest covered bridge in New Brunswick built in 1870)

Shediac & Acadian Coastal Drive Region

Giant Lobster – In 1989 the 35 ft long lobster was commissioned by the Rotary Club. Shediac is known as the Lobster Capital of the World and the giant lobster attracts on average 500,000 visitors a year! Located at 229 Main St, Shediac, New Brunswick. 

Richibucto painted doors. There is an art installation along the main streets in Richibucto with front doors painted in various themes.

Lighthouses on the Acadian Peninsula – There are many located all over the province, Here are the ones on the Acadian Peninsula.

Covered Bridges – New Brunswick is known for it’s covered bridges. Here are Covered Bridges in the Shediac & Acadian Coastal Region.

  • Joshua Gallant Covered Bridge (Shediac River Rd, Shediac River, NB)
  • Poirier Covered Bridge (Poirier Office Rd, Moncton, NB)
  • Budd Bridge (511 Victoria Rd, Moncton, NB)
  • Tom Graham Bridge (634 NB-510, Weldford, NB)
  • Camerons Mill Bridge (80 Chemin Camerons Mill Cross, Saint-Ignace, NB)

Fredericton & Western Region of New Brunswick

Fredericton Public Artwork– Murals and sculptures around the Fredericton area. 

Harvey’s Big Potato Man –  Large cement potato in front of a local vegetable stand. Located at 701 Rte 105 Hwy, Maugerville, NB.

Photo Credit:

Large Fiddle – Located on Route 3 and Poplar Lane in Harvey, New Brunswick. Dedicated to the memory of hometown fiddling hero Don Messer, who died in 1973. Rollie MacLean, a local craftsman and master welder, built the fiddle in his workshop in his spare time. It stands at 15 ft. tall.

World’s Largest Maple Leaf – Located in Milleville, NB

Photo Credit: Town Of Nackawick

Giant Axe is 19 m long and is the world’s largest axe. The plaque on the Axe reads: “This giant axe symbolizes the importance of the forestry industry, past, present and future, to the town of Nackawick and the province of New Brunswick. 1991” Located in Nackawick, NB 

This photo of yogi is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Yogi Bear and friends – statues at the Jellystobe campground in Woodstock,  NB.

Hartland Bridge – The Hartland Bridge, is the world’s longest covered bridge, at 1,282 feet (391 m) long. It crosses the Saint John River from Hartland to Somerville, New Brunswick, Canada. The framework consists of seven small Howe Truss bridges joined together on six piers

Noah’s Ark Cafe – Serving homestyle soups, chili & nachos, home baked goods & coffee, and now serving ice cream! For the busy business traveler, they have free Wifi!    (350 Burnham Road, Oakland, NB) All profits from Noah’s Ark Cafe go to charitable activities.

Covered Bridges – New Brunswick is known for it’s covered bridges. Here are Covered Bridges in the Fredericton & Western NB Region.

  • Mill Settlement Bridge (N Mill Settlement Rd, Blissville, NB)
  • Hoyt Station Bridge (68 Hoyt Station Rd, Hoyt, NB)
  • Patrick Owen Bridge (Wilsey Rd, Lincoln, NB)
  • Benton Bridge (Benton Rd, Canterbury, NB)
  • Nackawick Siding Covered Bridge (2B2, Nackawic Siding Rd, Hawkins Corner, NB)
  • Hartland Covered Bridge (Hartland Hill Bridge Rd, Hartland, NB)
  • Ellis Bridge (Ellis Rd, Carlisle, NB E7P 1W5)
  • Florenceville  Bridge (Old Florenceville Bridge Rd, Florenceville-Bristol, NB)


Northern Region of New Brunswick

Lady Potato

– Grand-Sault/Grand Falls – The giant Lady Potato is located in front of Leo Motel.

Malabeam Indian Maiden Statue – Grand-Sault/Grand Falls

World’s Largest Fiddleheads – The wooden carved fiddle heads were made in 1995 and stand 25 ft tall.(located at the Plaster Rock Tourist Park by the swimming pool in Plaster Rock, NB)

Miniature Village – The Place des Pionniers (Pioneers Place) is a small-scale reproduction of the village of Saint-François, formerly known as Ledges.

Restigouche Sam – Restigouche Sam is an 8.5 meter (22 ft.) stainless steel model of the a salmon. Located in Campbellton, NB.

Conch Shell – Large stone shell sculpture in Caraquet, NB. Located Hwy 11 between Bertrand and Caraquet

Covered Bridges – New Brunswick is known for it’s covered bridges. Here are Covered Bridges in the Nothern NB Region.

  • Tomlinson Bridge (71 Tomlinson Mill Rd, Gordon, NB)
  • Quisibis River Bridge (551 Chemin Deschênes, Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska, NB)
  • Boniface Bridge (Chemin Boniface, Green River, NB)
  • Morneault Settlement Bridge (Chemin Joseph Morneault, Baker Brook River, NB)


Our goal with our Stop & See New Brunswick Series is to share what NB has to offer tourists and those who call it home. I have lived in New Brunswick for 40 years, was raised here most of my life and am raising my family here. Through exploring the region we live in, we offer our children a sense of belonging and true pride in where they are from. We travel and explore where we are from, Atlantic Canada, and more specifically, get to know New Brunswick as much as possible. I learn about new and amazing sights and history about our province all the time. If you are from here, or from away,  get out and explore New Brunswick. 

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