New Brunswick Family Day Trips & Destinations

New Brunswick Family Day Trips & Destinations

Are you looking for family day trip ideas in New Brunswick? Well, we have a list of over 50 for you!

When it comes to family travel, I truly believe in exploring where we are from. Two summers ago we started a series called #StopToSeeNB, hoping to encourage more people to explore and visit our picturesque and heritage-rich province. In 2020, with the province in a state of emergency and our borders closed, we put together this resource to help you plan some day trips and weekend destinations in New Brunswick. This list will be updated and grow as we visit more places.

Our travels will continue to expand this list, as we share activities and destinations we have personally experienced. 

PLEASE check with each destination before heading out to ensure they are open and any updated information that you may need for planning.

For many summers now, we have been sharing day trips from our home in Moncton, NB. Many of the day trips are doable with one adult and a couple of children.

Over the years our exploring has been very focused on museums and historic sites, as both Lorne (18 yrs old) and Doug are huge history fans. We are now adding some more adventurous and outdoor aspects to our day tripping as Clayton gets older (10 yrs old) and Lorne no longer wants to tag along with us.

This summer we will explore new areas and revisit some of our favourites. You can follow along as we do here on the blog in our Travel section or over on Instagram or Facebook

DON’T FORGET to stop and take some photos with some of our many Roadside Attractions In New Brunswick. (statues, covered bridges and more)

FOR MORE NEW BRUNSWICK ONLY CONTENT VISIT OUR SISTER BLOG AT WWW.OURNEWBRUNSWICK.COM  (featuring more details of our trips, and many more photos and facts)

South Eastern NB Region:

Magnetic Hill Zoo, Moncton, NB

The Magnetic Hill Zoo is Atlantic Canada’s leading zoo that educates and inspires conservation action.

Resurgo Place, Moncton  NB

“RESURGO Place is a state-of-the-art facility where Moncton heritage, technology and discovery intersect. The resilient City of Moncton was built on transportation. We invite you to come to discover why the city’s motto is Resurgo, “I rise again.” Explore stories of our people and heritage. “

Resurgo place is located at 20 Mountain Rd, Moncton, NB.

Experience the Tidal Bore, Moncton, NB

I have lived in Moncton since 2002. Last summer was the first time I went to watch the tidal bore.

Twice daily, you can watch the tidal bore as the incoming water from the Bay of Fundy overtakes the outgoing tide of the Petitcodiac River.
The height of the bore (wave) ranges from 0.5 to 1 metre.
Check the tide tables, and take a stroll to view it from Bore Park (10 Bendview Court) in downtown Moncton.

Murals in Greater Moncton 

Festival Inspire has organized the production of many murals in he greater Moncton region and beyond. Here is a map to the murals in Greater Moncton.


Marché Moncton Market 

The Moncton market takes place on Saturdays. We try to go every week to get some treats and stock up on produce.

Butterfly World,  Moncton, NB

Butterfly World houses up to 300 butterflies at a time, with varying species from around the world. It is a magical experience to walk through the dome. 

Located at The Boardwalk at 2800 Mountain Rd, Moncton, NB. 

Cape Jourimain Nature Center, Bayfield, NB
Are you looking for a beautiful view, eco-friendly site, walking trails, and educational experience for the family? Cape Jourimain is such a gem.  There is a small fee to enter. Restaurant, interpretive center, beaches, trails, activities, tours, and more. Read more about our visit in 2016 here. It’s time for a re-visit!

Fort Beausejour, Aulac, NB
Fort Beausejour is one of our regular summer day trips. We buy a season pass for our family each year. It is the perfect place to pack up a picnic lunch, take the kites and enjoy the breeze (especially on the hot humid days). Only a 40-minute drive from Moncton, makes it the perfect little getaway.

Fort Beausejour National Historic Site – New Brunswick


Waterfowl Park & Trail, Sackville, NB
The Sackville Waterfowl park and trail is a nice stop and beautiful walk for those who want a quiet walk through nature. There are trails, boardwalks and lots of waterfowl. It is a nice and easy walk to learn about the waterfowl habitat as well. There is an information center, gift shop and plenty of benches to rest and enjoy the view.

photo by Lorne Swansburg

Boultenhouse Heritage Centre , Sackville, NB
Open mid-June to the beginning of Sept yearly. You can take a guided tour and learn about shipbuilding in the late 18th century, early Victorian life through artifacts displayed in the parlor, more about domestic life and then the growth in other industries & manufacturing that happened in the region. We visited with a 16yr old and 6 year old and both enjoyed it.

Shediac Lobster

Shediac is a lovely town to park and take a walk. A must-see in Shediac is the World’s largest lobster!

Parlee Beach

The beaches on the Northumberland straight are some of the warmest in Canada. Parlee Beach is a provincial park that features beautiful supervised sand beach and lots of sandbars. There is a restaurant and canteen, lots of bathroom and changing facilities as well.


Fundy National Park, Alma, NB
Fundy National Park is a wonderful spot to go for a swim at the lake, in the ocean or the saltwater pool. Exploring the beaches is our favourite part. There are waterfalls & hiking trails for all skill levels. Stop and enjoy the large playground or the golf course near the Alma entrance to the park. There are camping spots available as well as a motel and cottages to rent (we stayed in the cottages one year and it was a great family getaway). 

Check out our visits to Point Wolf or Herring Cove in the Fundy National Park.

Cape Enrage

Lots to see and do, including fossil hunting at low tide, repelling off the cliffs, ziplining, hiking, enjoying a meal and just experiencing more of the Fundy coastline.

Pebble Beach

Lovely beach to explore. No facilities, located just before you reach Cape Enrage.

NB Railway Museum, Hilsborough, NB

We have visited this museum a few times over the years with the kids. They love learning about the railway, climbing through the different types of railway cars and talking to the people working there.

Hopewell Rocks, Hopewell Cape, NB (See our day trip here)
The Hopewell Rocks are a well-known tourist location and exceptionally fun place to visit. Click the link above to read all about it and see some of our pics.


Saint John Region:

If you have the opportunity to visit Saint John, remember there is a large indoor pedway system connecting several buildings in the uptown area. From the Hilton hotel through Market Square, City Hall, to Harbour Station or on through Brunswick Square and the City Market, it is all accessible inside the pedway system.

Martello Tower, Saint John, NB

Martello Tower is located on the West Side of Saint John, across the Harbour Bridge. There is a tower to explore and a museum. The views of Saint John Harbour are beautiful from Martello Tower.


Fallsview Park, Saint John, NB
If you can be in Saint John long enough to see the tides come in and go out, you will see the “reversing” of the falls. Reversing Falls can be seen from a couple of viewpoints, but Falls view Park (off Douglas Ave) is the best viewpoint to experience the sights and sounds.


City Market, Saint John, NB 
The Saint John City Market is a must-see, even if you simply walk through from the pedway system. Be sure to walk out the top of the market and stroll across the street to visit King’s Square. The Capitol Theatre, Fire Hall and Loyalist Graveyard are all on the perimeter of the square and worth having a look at.


New Brunswick Museum, Market Square, Saint John, NB

Over the years we have loved this museum and I feel like we visit almost every trip to Saint John! They are currently *CLOSED* and relocating. We will update their progress when they relocate. Their website contains virtual exhibits and plenty of information to enjoy.

Fundy Trail Parkway, Salmon River, NB
The Fundy Trail Parkway and Beach and Caves at St. Martin’s can make a fun day trip from most areas of New Brunswick and even northwestern Nova Scotia. We are planning a visit here again this summer and look forward to exploring the shores at low tide.

Fundy Trail Parkway – New Brunswick Family Day Trip


Beach & Caves, St. Martins, NB
If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the sounds of the ocean, the beach in St. Martin’s is the perfect spot. Grab an ice cream or a meal at the restaurant right on the beach. At low tide, check out the caves along the cliff next to the beach.

Irving Nature Park, Saint John, NB

Trails, beaches, rest areas, and a day of exploring are in store at the Irving Nature Park. There is a large playground and maze before you reach the park, check to see if it is open, it’s a great spot to stop with the kids!


St. Andrews Region:

 St. Andrew’s is a 2.5-hour drive from Moncton, 1 Hour from Saint John, and 1.5 to 2 hours from Fredericton depending on the route you take.

If you plan to go whale watching, you will use up most of your day with that activity. It is best to check ahead with the various companies for schedules and rates. Some are more child friendly than others. We did decide on one visit that we would take out older son whale watching, without planning ahead. There is the possibility to get a walk-in seat but always try to plan ahead if you have your heart set on going.

St. Andrews is a beautiful little town with parks and playgrounds, gift shops, and historical charm.

Block House, St. Andrews, NB (National Historic Site)

Centennial Park, St. Andrews, NB
Across the street from the Block House. We enjoyed the picnic area and a chance to stroll and stretch our legs when we arrived in St. Andrews on our day trip. Lots of space to run and play and a little pathway around the park.

Huntsman Aquarium, St. Andrews, NB (Read here about our visit)

At the Huntsman Marine Science Center you will enjoy seeing sturgeon, seahorses, salmon, intertidal creatures, and underwater viewing of Bay of Fundy fishes. There is also a Café & Gift Shop, a children’s play area, feature films, interactive displays, a walking path to the beach to explore while on site.

Kingsbrae Gardens, St. Andrews, NB (read here about our visit)
Kingsbrae Gardens is a place for everyone! The young and young at heart will find beauty and a little whimsy in the gardens. A must-visit for any trip to St. Andrews.


Whale Watching
St. Andrews is a prime whale-watching location on the Fundy coast. We have been out a few times, and experienced whale watching as a couple with Jolly Breeze Tall Ship Whale Adventures, and a few years later as a family with Quoddy Link Marine and most recently with Island Quest


Western Region: (We have so much exploring to do!)

We have not done a huge amount of day trips to Fredericton and along the western side of the province. There are some destinations on our 2021 bucket list. We have a plan to overnight in the region and take in some day trip destinations to share with you!

Kings Landing Historic Village

5804 Route 102, Prince William, New Brunswick, E6K 0A5
Visit with villagers in their homes, places of work, in the fields or at the pub. As you meet the millwright, the carpenter, the printer, the blacksmith, store owner, or the ladies in their homes, you will find they all have a story to tell.

Miramichi Region:

Beaubears Island

We love our museums and historical sites. In 2019 we explored Beaubears Island on a historical tour with costumed characters. The tour included a boat ride to Wilson’s Point to hear about the years the Acadians spent there, visit the church and graveyard, and then we went to Beaubears Island. We learned about the shipbuilding history of the island and the past owners. There are trails you can explore and beautiful beaches. 

Beaverbrook House

You can tour the boyhood home of Lord Beaverbrook and meet him in person; as portrayed by character actor Tom Daley. We went on a walking tour, hearing tales of nearby buildings, a graveyard, and the town square. 

Miramichi River Boat Tours

Enjoy an afternoon on the water on a 1.5 hr interpretive tour of the Miramichi River aboard the Max Aitken riverboat, guided by Captain Azade Hache. We spent most of the trip on the upper deck and Clayton had the opportunity to steer the boat and receive an honorary captain’s certificate.

Over the Cove Zipline

Top off your adventures in Miramichi at French Fort Cove, with a zipline across the cove. Doug and Lorne both enjoyed this so much. There is a playground there and trails as well. Lorne, as you can see, was completely at ease with it and enjoyed every moment!

Tubing with Storeytown Cottages – Dog Friendly! (Doaktown)

We spent a weekend in Doaktown and stayed at Storeytown Cottages. We usually explore where we visit, but this trip was to relax and enjoy our family. We did do their tubing excursion and it was a fun and enjoyable few hours floating down the river. I highly recommend this to families. BONUS, they have a dog-friendly tube to bring along your pup!

Kouchibouguac National Park

We have plans to explore more of Kouchibouguac National Park this season (2021). We visited for the first time in March and April this year. The beaches were not open at the time, but we enjoyed some hiking trails and will be headed back to experience the 25km + of beaches! They even have a dog-friendly beach to take Bo with us.

Cap Lumiere Beach

We visited this beach in the summer of 2020 while staying at a yurt in Rexton. This beach is beautiful, long, and sandy. We did not get pictures as we were looking to relax and enjoy…I honestly forgot to take my camera with me on this trip. Sometimes you just need to soak it all in without a digital capture!

Bouctouche Farmer’s Market

This Farmer’s Market is such a nice venue and it’s right along the main drag in Bouctouche. Check it out on a Saturday morning on your way to explore the Dunes or other beaches close by.

Bouctouche Dunes

With sandy beaches and 3 km of boardwalk to walk, the Bouctouche Dunes are a place you will want to experience. 

Northern Region:

We hope to visit much more of the Northern Regions of New Brunswick, but here are a few places we have been.

Youghall Beach Park – This beach was our early morning beach to enjoy the fresh air (it was a very windy few days while we were there) and have an early morning walk. It offers a boardwalk giving you many access points to the beautiful sandy beach. 

During the summer season, you will find a canteen, washrooms, beach volleyball courts, an outdoor theatre, and a children’s park & playground area. 

Pokeshaw Beach – This beach is a short drive from Bathurst along the coast. We loved this beach. There is a small parking lot down at the beach level. At low tide you can walk along the beach towards Pokeshaw Rock, home to a cormorant colony, or the other direction toward cliffs with many interesting rocks and formations. 

It was a very windy day, and the waves were rolling in with force. On a calmer day, I could imagine spending hours here enjoying the views and beach.

Beresford Beach – There is a lovely beach, playground, bathroom facilities, and a boardwalk to stroll over the marshes.

Pabineau Falls– Looking back, I would have picked up a picnic lunch and spent more time here. This is a must see if you are visiting the Bathurst / Chaleur region.

We didn’t explore as far as I would have liked, but it was so lovely. We followed a trail a little ways along the water, climbed down onto the rocks in a few places. It was a great location for all of us, easy enough for Clayton and Bo to navigate their footing.

Daly Point  Nature Reserve – We stopped at Daly Point Nature Reserve on our way back from Pokeshaw Beach. We walked along a short mainly birch forest trail. There were informative signs about wildlife and fauna along the way. Although the park offers many trails, we opted for a quick walk to a lookout and back. We had already had a long day exploring the region.


Fort Beausejour National Historic Site – New Brunswick


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