Saving Jars – a visual way to save

Saving Jars - a visual way to save

Have you heard of the 52 Week Money Challenge?

If you are like me, a visual person, saving money in a jar may be a great way to do it one little bit at a time. We have a direct transfer on our account for savings each payday, but I wanted to try to save some money this year for my contribution to family fun.

Starting January 1st, I put $20 per week into a jar. At the end of the 52 weeks (1 year) I will have $1,040 saved towards a family vacation. I looked at it as just a little more than a take out coffee at $2.86 each day. If you prefer to add money on a daily basis, you can make is simple and put in $2/ day, giving you savings of $730 for the year. Think about that, a toonie a day!! How easy would that be?

Below you will find a few printable charts to include on your jars to keep track of the money in the jar.

52 week $1 + $1 per week PRINT HERE

This challenge changes and goes up $1 per week (week 1: $1, week 2: $2 and so on up to $52), so on the last week you put in $52. I would suggest that you do some of the higher values earlier in the year, or when you are able to. Simply check the line off when you put it in. As long as you check off every line (in the chart available to print above), then yo will save a total of $1,378 in 52 weeks!

52 Week Reverse (start at $52 - $1 each week) PRINT HERE

52 week $20 per week PRINT HERE

With the $20 per week jar, you do just that. Place $20 per week in the jar for 52 weeks. Your total savings will be $1,040 at the end!

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