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Everything Unscripted is a family lifestyle blog featuring Family, Food, Travel & Fun in Atlantic Canada! We share our everyday tips, recipes, family activities, support local businesses, highlight what’s awesome about Atlantic Canada, and promote our East Coast provinces through our travel and lifestyle pieces. This blog is a part of our digital media company at Swansburg Media.

About Ruth Ann Swansburg

Founder, Writer, Speaker & Promoter of Atlantic Canada

Hello there! I am Ruth Ann, the voice behind Everything Unscripted. I am a wife of 20+ years and a mom of 2 boys, an entrepreneur, a supporter of everything local, and a born and raised Maritime girl!

I am a true believer in sharing the reality just outside the perfectly cropped photo! You know exactly what I mean, we all have stacks of papers, unfolded laundry, toys left out, or some variation of that “clutter” in our real lives! I am open about my struggles with anxiety, finding balance, getting healthy, and pretty much everything.
The reason I started my blog was to share what I am doing in hopes it will help just one other person who may need to hear what I am going through and not feel alone. They may need help planning meals, or simple recipes, help stretching their budget or are looking for a fun and frugal vacation idea for their family…and the list goes on. I share our reality, knowing there are others who can relate and perhaps learn from our experiences.

Many people remember me as the Moncton Coupon Lady. From 2011 to 2016, my life was full of teaching people how to save money, couponing seminars, lunch & learn sessions, organizing a couponing convention and weekly coupon swaps, having a radio column and more. As my couponing and shopping habits changed, I started sharing more about other areas of my life.

The creation of this site in 2016, has allowed you to get to know who the lady is behind the Moncton Coupon Lady. You can still find all our Frugal Living content here.

My Background

My career after college started as a website designer and computer animator for an engineering firm and multimedia company (back in the 1990s when all this digital stuff was brand spanking new!). I continued to work mainly as a graphic designer and freelance photographer as a work-at-home mom once we started our family. My work continues to be in the digital media world with social media management and content creation.

In addition to my online work, I have always maintained some kind of hands-on creative work. In the early 2000’s I made homemade dog treats with my business at the Marché Moncton Market,  The Barker’s Dozen Pet Treats. I also kept business with paper crafting and made scrapbooks and pPer art for clients around the world with my eBay store for years. Most recently I launched Swansburg Designs, where I make eco-friendly products, as well as accessories like scarves and bags.

This Is Our Unscripted Life

I feel privileged to have my loving husband and two boys. The boys are 10 years apart (not by choice, as we struggled to have our second), making our travels and outings a little different to plan!

It’s been an adventure, it’s been very different than I imagined! Life’s Unscripted and very rarely an image of what we thought it would be when we were kids or even young adults…

Thank you for joining me here and realizing the greatness of a life unscripted.


Your life is unscripted, so make every minute count.



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