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Much of the country has closed schools as COVID-19 spreads around the globe. In an effort to keep the kids busy, learning and their minds on the positive, we have compiled this list of FREE Educational activities, printables and game resources for you.

The links below are meant to give you ideas. We are not planning to homeschool, or to enforce a strict regimen in our home. I simply wanted to create this list of educational and fun options for my kids to choose from over the coming weeks. REMEMBER, board games, card games, crafts, going to a walk, playing lego and books are all fabulous options and most of us have plenty of ways to keep the kids busy.

Please comment below with your favourite free resources that are education-based. You can also check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration.  I will continue adding to it over the coming days.

Grades K-6
Grades 7+


Please keep in mind our children are likely worried, could be suffering from anxiety, and not sure why we or the people on the news are acting the way they are. Try to be aware of how you speak about what is happening when around them. If you have various ages of children, it might be worth sitting down with each one separately to discuss how they are feeling. You should also reach out to other adults to talk about how you are feeling as well.  Here are some resources to help you talk to your kids about what is happening with this new virus.
(Grades Pre K- 3) (Grades 4-5) (Grades 6-12)

ALSO, we all have many ways available to us to keep busy and continuing life while schools and other events are shut down.  Our kids are off school as a preventative measure, in hopes of preventing quarantines and provincial lockdowns.

You can go outside for walks, or in your yard and you can visit a store to pick up a jug of milk, just keep your hands washed and practice social distancing. I will be taking my son to work at the grocery store tomorrow, so he can serve people who need to purchase food. Life continues, we need to find ways to support each other and help where and when we can. 

Take care, talk to a friend or family member if you are feeling overwhelmed, and try to see this all through the eyes of your child. Here are some tips from the CDC for managing stress and anxiety during this outbreak.

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