Getting out of my own way to get to Work Of Heart 2019! – #Anxiety

A few weeks ago I met Angela for coffee with my friend Michelle. We chatted about life and business, and what we all have going on. Although I have “known” Angela from events we have attended, or through social media, I had never had the opportunity to sit down and chat in person. Through our conversation that morning, I shared with her how much I enjoyed attending Work Of Heart, an event she founded and created a few years back. Over the course of the conversation, I expressed how for “someone like me”, the event can be overly exhausting, mentally, emotionally and physically, and I had not prepared for that. This exhaustion is not a bad thing at all, it was simply unexpected and I wanted Angela to know it prevented me from figuring out how I would attend last year. 

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Wellness Wednesday – Drinking More Water

5 Benefits of Drinking More Water!

Do you drink enough water? Most days for the past year, I have done very well with my water intake. Now that I am used to drinking more water, I notice quickly if I am getting dehydrated. 

Why do you want to drink more water? Here are 5 reasons to consider increasing your water intake.

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Wellness Wednesday – Just Breathe

Just Breathe…
Most days I feel scattered and pulled in many directions. Breathing can help me refocus and feel grounded. There are also so many other health benefits to taking time to do Deep Breathing daily.
Take 10 minutes a few times a day, to yourself, and learn a deep breathing technique that works for you.

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