Road Tripping – An Organized Vehicle

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Heading out on a road trip can be a fun adventure, but it often requires planning and organization. I have put together some ideas to help keep your vehicle organized and functioning for everyone in the family, including your dog (if you have one). All of these items are things that can remain in your car, for easy access. Most are compact or collapsable.

My Uncluttered Home-The Bathroom Part 2


You are invited to join me as I de-clutter my home and create a more manageable and peaceful space for myself and my family. I am tired of the years of clutter, hanging onto "stuff" because I may use it someday, and keeping items that have memories attached.

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It is time to move it all to donate, sell or put in the garbage!

If you think this is easy, trust me, it is not. Here is my first post in the series, sharing my anxiety and feeling the firs day while I shared my home (behind all the closed doors) with Kim from Kaos Solutions. To see Part 1 of my bathroom de-clutter, check here.

So, here is the funny thing...the worst drawer in my vanity was my "make up" drawer. But I wear makeup maybe 2 or 3 times a week, so you would think I would not have much! Well, there was alot more than makeup in the drawer, and that is part of the problem. Here is the before, during and after of that purge.

Part of the frustration and clutter in the drawer was the baskets sitting across the drawer. They balanced on the edges, leaving a small space below the basket. When items slipped under, it would raise the baskets and jam the drawer. So, as you can see below, I put them in sitting on the bottom of the drawer now. 

Oh My Goodness!! All the stuff in this drawer I didn't even know was there. Over time the earrings and jewelry piled up, band aids and other junk.  

Get Organized

It seems like no matter how much I clean and try to reduce the "stuff" in our house, I always end up side tracked and never finish. As a work at home mom, there is someone home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The house is always messy and clutter piles up or gets shifted and moved from room to room. Do you know what I mean? When is it ever tidy and clean for more than 5 minutes?

In January 2018, I asked for help from a professional organiser, and I am sharing this journey with you!

You can follow along with our series called "My Uncluttered Home".  As we de-clutter the house, we will also share storage and organising hacks to help you stay organised and tidy in your home.

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