11 Free Family Activities In Moncton

As a mom of two, who are several years apart in age, it can often be hard to find things to do with both kids. Here is my list for a family with various ages of children, with all free activities to do in the city of Moncton! There are also many other activities to do in surrounding areas, and this list can give you ideas of what to look up in Riverview, Dieppe, Shediac and beyond.

Our Stay at Storeytown Cottages #StayNB #exploreNB

Taking  time to connect as a family is something I really did not realize we needed, at least not until we did it. Like many families, we tend to spend more time shuffling around to activities, keeping up with everyday life and rarely taking time to do relaxing and unplugged activities as a family unit. As you may already know, our boys are 10 years apart in age, so finding mutual interests or places that can entertain both, is often a challenge. At Storeytown Cottages we experienced a wide variety of activities, and enjoyed plenty of space to relax and unwind as a family.

#DiscoverNBBeaches – McLeod’s Beach

When travelling from Saint John to St Martin's on Route 111, why not venture along the coast via Route 825 and visit a few beaches along the way? McLeod's Beach is the first of 3 beaches you will come across. 

McLeod's Beach, Reed's Beach and Gardner Creek Beach are all on NB Route 825. 

There is no parking, so we pulled off along the side of the road, there are a few spots with a little shoulder. When the tide is out,

Reeds Beach

#DiscoverNBBeaches – Reeds Beach

As you can tell, based on our previous beach adventures, we have been visiting some beaches on some windy and cooler days. To be fair, often it is much warmer and even sunny inland, but when you head towards the Fundy Coast, you never know what's in store. When heading out on any road trip, and especially a beach trip, always dress in layers and pack a sweatshirt!

#DiscoverNBBeaches – Gardner Creek Beach

We are enjoying our summer and setting out each week, or so to #discoverNBbeaches to share with you. We hope you are enjoying this series, and would love any suggestions on beaches to visit!
A recent outing, on a cool and breezy Spring day, led us to explore Gardner Creek Beach on route 825, NB. It is located along the Fundy coast between Saint John and St. Martin's, about 1.5 hours drive from Moncton, 30 minutes from Saint John, and about 15 minutes from St. Martin's.