Wellness Wednesday – What is wellness?


Wellness is a state of being. We have a tendency to think that because we take care of our physical being, we are well. In reality there is so much more to being well. 

Our sense of well being is reflected by how we treat both our body and our mind. So being healthy through activity and fueling our bodies properly, will lead to a better sense of mental well being. Similarly, feeling well mentally will help us make healthier choices for our body. It’s a full circle, that must be nurtured and practiced, and become habit for us to succeed.

Take time to feel connected to the world around you, do something you truly enjoy or spend time with someone who brings out the best in you. Learn to listen to your body and make the time to really consider both your physical and mental state when creating your wellness path. We all have various barriers and struggles, and we all have strengths. Everyone’s sense of well being will look a little different, and that is okay. Do what makes you happy and healthy.

Be well….you deserve it.

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