My Journey – Living Healthier

My Healthy Journey - the ups, the downs and living the lifestyle!

My Health Journey started in July 2016 when I had just had enough. Over the years I had gained weight, 10 pounds here and 5 pounds there. In July I weighed 250lb, around what I was when I had my first baby. Over the last 14 years I was up and down between 210lbs and 230lbs. The jump to 250 happened over the winter of 2016 and I could feel it.

My first steps to take were small, changing little things here and there. Each week I feel better, the weight is slowly coming off, which is how I want it. It took a long time to gain, so I am not expecting an overnight weight loss. I am using no gimmicks, eating real food, drinking lots of water and trying to add more exercise to my life.

Through sharing this journey I am hoping to accomplish two things:
  1. I hope through reading my blog, this inspires even one person to make positive healthy changes for themselves.
  2. By sharing publicly what I am doing, I feel more accountable to myself to continue and move toward my goal.

Here is my journey unfolding:

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Healthy Living - I Survived Week 1 At The Gym


Healthy Living – I Survived Week 1 In The Gym

This post is brought to you by United Performance. This is my honest story about my fitness journey.

Last week I shared about re-focusing on me and taking care of myself. I mentioned I had gone to the gym and done one workout at that point. 

Today is all about sharing real photos of me working out (no hiding behind the camera or cropping out my body), the struggles of my first week and the reasons I am still at it 🙂