Wellness Wednesday – Consistency Is The Key To Wellness


If you want to be well, I mean really well, then you will want to treat yourself with love and do it consistently.

Think about it… perhaps you are fueling your body with all the right foods, you may be losing weight, gaining energy, and feel like you are treating yourself well, and then you stop. What happens? You no longer feel well, you no longer feel accomplished in your health goals and you criticize yourself and the process. But you can choose to not let that take hold, get back on track to feeling good, and remain consistent with your healthy choices.

Maybe physically you are well, but mentally you feel areas of your life are stressful or toxic in some way. You make changes in your actions or your outlook on things, you start to feel well, then fall back into negative or hurtful thoughts. The ups and downs are inevitable, our reactions to them are our key to success.

It happens, trust me, I know all too well how my body and mind feel like they are working against me some days. In reflecting on the journey to wellness, I believe that being consistent is the key. Focus on maintaining a consistent path in seeking wellness in all you do. Part of that is allowing these bumps in the road not to become blockades to your success. 

Success does not come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.

Be consistent when it comes to your health and wellness. Be well…

~ Ruth Ann

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