Travel Tuesday – Just Take It Easy

This travel Tuesday (in the Summer of 2017) we spent the day at Fundy National Park. Seeking a relaxing adventure and time spent together...

To say it was relaxing is an understatement. Having mom with us for this road trip meant I wanted to let her and the kids experience the park, but it needed to be walker-friendly and not too busy. 

Today's goal was to get outside, enjoy ourselves and share a place we love with my mom. 

We walked the boardwalk at Caribou Plain and played at the playground.  We drove to Point Wolf and back. Enjoyed ice cream in Alma and just went with the flow. 

The boys got along the entire time, which is a win in itself and everyone was tired that night.

My tip for today...

Sometimes the best travel experiences are the laid back ones. Not much planning or a schedule. Just simply enjoying a day together.

Even our pup Bo was exhausted!

  1. Fundy National Park is one of my favourite places! It’s so incredibly beautiful and there is so much to see and do.

  2. We have our favourite spots in the park and hope to spend much more time exploring now that Clayton is older and Bo is growing. Years ago we would pack up the car and our then pup Cocoa, and hike to waterfalls and explore. Having kids changed our focus a bit, but I am hoping to be more active in the coming seasons and venture further into the trail system. I love being disconnected from technology and enjoying nature.

  3. Gorgeous pictures. I love Fundy National Park!

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