Wellness Wednesday – Just Breathe

Just Breathe...
Most days I feel scattered and pulled in many directions. Breathing can help me refocus and feel grounded. There are also so many other health benefits to taking time to do Deep Breathing daily.
Take 10 minutes a few times a day, to yourself, and learn a deep breathing technique that works for you.


7 Benefits to Deep Breathing 

1. Helps You Become Calm
2. Relieves Pain
3. Improves Your Posture
4. Makes You Happier
5. Helps In Food Digestion
6. Helps You Sleep Better
7. Helps Overall Health (Blood pressure, circulation, cardiovascular and immune systems)


Here are a few sources for reasons Deep Breathing is beneficial and how you can learn to do it properly.

10 Benefits to Breathing Deeply and How To Breathe Correctly by Robins Key

How to do Deep Breathing and It's Advantages by Top 10 home Remedies

Breathing to Calm Anxiety by Get Healthy U

Photo Source: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Mindfulness-Breathing-Posters-Free-2955122

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