Uses for Baby Wipes…not just for baby bums!

  Baby Wipes are one of the many things we can purchase for next to nothing most of the time. Why not think outside the box and use them for more than just cleaning up those baby messes? Here are some additional uses for baby wipes.   Remove Deodorant Marks: You know those dreaded marks … Read more

Make Your Own: Microwave Popcorn Bags

Do you love the convenience of Microwave popcorn? We are offering a healthier, more frugal option that is not full of additives. Why not try this frugal alternative, and know exactly what you are eating? It’s super easy and cheap to make. You can add your own seasoning and butter. See below for seasoning combinations. … Read more

Household Tips: Remove Coffee/Tea Stains

Household Tips: Remove Coffee & Tea Stains From CountertopsUse WD-40 on a damp cloth to remove tea stains from countertops. Be sure to follow up with a clean damp cloth with a little dish soap (this will remove the WD-40 residue and fumes. Check out these useful links!Removing other stains: Life Hacks Foolproof Stain removal Tricks