Twice Baked Potatoes 3 Ways

If you love potatoes and want to save some time this BBQ season, try making up a batch of our Twice Baked Potatoes 3 Ways! This In The Kitchen recipe is sponsored by our friends at Apple A Day Home Delivery 🥔 Freezer Twice Baked Potatoes 🥔 We have 3 Variations of Twice Baked Potatoes; … Read more

Frugal Friday – Shopping Tip: Look High & Low

This is your Frugal Friday – Shopping Tip. Product placement does matter in many stores. Often times the higher priced brands are located at eye level (middle shelves), while looking up or down you may find a better price! Often the better prices are above or below eye level when walking through the stores! Another … Read more

Frugal Friday – Shopping Tip

This is your Frugal Friday – Shopping Tip. Sales cycles are a real thing. Most items you purchase regularly will be on sale several times a year for the same price.   Everything you buy regularly is on a 4-6 week sales cycle. (groceries, toiletries, paper products, etc) If it is on sale this week, you … Read more

2022 Coupon List – Tear Pads, Booklets, Inserts and Mail Coupons

Canadian Coupons

Here is our 2022 Coupon List – Tear Pads, Booklets, Inserts and Mail Coupons! This is where you will be able to see a list of coupons that have been seen, found on trades groups, and shared here, allowing us to know what is out there. We use this list when creating our Coupon Match … Read more

6 Week Get Outside Challenge #EU_GetOutsideChallenge

Who’s up for a little challenge? Do you notice how much better you feel after getting some fresh air? Do you need a some added motivation or accountability to get moving and outside, especially this time of year? Here’s my 6 Week Get Outside Challenge I challenge you to get outside for 30 minutes a … Read more

Our Best Family Halloween Tips

Halloween is getting close and we have a round-up of Our Best Family Halloween Tips! In addition to general tips and ideas, we have added local details and links to help you plan, although these tips and ideas are helpful for everyone, regardless of where you live. Activities To Do At Home Carve or Paint … Read more

Ways To Save When Having A Baby

Let’s chat about the various ways to save when having a baby.

This is the outline for the interview that aired on CBC Information Morning 106.1 FM Moncton in February 2013, just 6 weeks after we had our second child. I sat down with Jonna Brewer to discuss how we kept a tight budget and saved when preparing for and after baby arrived.

These are my tips on how to save and budget for your new addition.

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