Storage Solutions: Canned Food

I am in the process of organizing…everything!
My storage room is a mess and my “stockpile” needs some resorting and updating. I don’t have a huge stockpile, but I do buy extras when I can get a great deal.
I found some really great storage ideas I want to try. The problem is picking the ones I like best that will suite my space.

If you have tried any of these, I would love to hear what you think.

Here are some ideas for storing Canned Food:

1. Build a Rotating Can Storage Unit. This one has wheels so it can be easily moved in and out of a closet, or when cleaning your storage area.
Build a Rotating Canned Food Shelf Step 1.jpg
Rotating Can Storage Unit: by

2. Build a Wall Unit for Canned Food: I love this idea, especially for a garage, cold room or small storage room. 

Canned food wall storage: by Amy and Toby

3. Use Closet Shelves In Your Kitchen Cupboards: If you have the cupboard space this is a great way to store canned goods right in your kitchen.

Wire shelving for canned goods
4. Purchasing Storage Units: Here are some I found to purchase. They are pricey, but depending on what you want, these may be the option for you.

IRIS Wire Can Dispenser: 5-1/2-Ounce, 12 Cans

Organize It All 1866 Soup Can Rack [Kitchen]


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