Uses for Baby Wipes…not just for baby bums!


Baby Wipes are one of the many things we can purchase for next to nothing most of the time. Why not think outside the box and use them for more than just cleaning up those baby messes?

Here are some additional uses for baby wipes.

  1. Remove Deodorant Marks: You know those dreaded marks on your sweater…you put your deodorant on, then carefully try to get your top on without getting deodorant on it. Well, worry no more, Baby Wipes work very well to remove those marks and let you move on with your day, wearing the top you planned to wear, and not adding to your laundry pile.
  2. Shine your shoes (leather or rubber). Place a package of Baby Wipes by your shoes and wipe them down when they start to get dull or have a stain on them.
  3. Remove stains from clothing: Baby Wipes work wonders on makeup stains. Ever put on a favourite shirt after you applied lipstick, then by mistake is rubs across your lips and you have a stain? Use a baby wipe to remove that stain!
  4. To Clean Toys: Clean Dolls and other toys with a quick wipe.
  5. Crayon Marks on Walls, Floors, Furniture: Use wipes to remove crayon marks!
  6. Eye Makeup Remover: Baby Wipes are gentle and remove makeup very well. Plus, they are much cheaper than buying special eye makeup remover wipes in the cosmetic section.
  7. Quick Floor Clean Up: Attach a Baby Wipe to your “Swiffer” mop and it will pick up more dust and dirt.
  8. Wipe down Leather Furniture: I use them on our leather ottoman, it cleans off water stains, dust & pet hair and leaves a lovely shine!
  9. Remove Finger Prints: Use them to remove finger prints on photo frames, electronics (tablet, phone, and laptop screens) and any other fingerprint covered surface.
  10. Clean Door Handles: I like to wipe my door handles off with a wipe. It removes dirt and grime that builds up. Also great for light switches.
  11. Cleaning in your Car: Keep a pack of Baby Wipes in your car! Wipes clean your dash and windshield (random bird poo or bugs). Also great when filling the gas tank to remove any spills or drips.
  12. Use on your pets: I use Baby Wipes on my dog. You can wipe them down with a wipe (or 4, my dog is big!). The wipes remove dirt, dander, and hair. Leaving a nice soft coat.
    They are also safe for paws (cats and dogs). Quick clean up when the pets come in from outside.
These are just a few tips and ideas for you. Baby Wipes are one of many household items that have many, many uses!

☆☆ Bonus Tip: My “baby” is now a preschooler and likes to help mommy clean. I give him a baby wipe for tables, cupboards, floors, anything he wants to clean. Safe and they clean pretty well anything.

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