Rainy Halloween Ideas – Events, Activities & Costumes


It’s not the first time there has been some rainy weather forecast for Halloween. Each time this happens, there is a scramble on the interwebs of parents asking for indoor trick or treat options, costume ideas, or other ways to make Halloween fun and special when the rain is dampening our spirits.
Over on our Facebook page, we shared local (Moncton) indoor events, but we felt that a general post with other ideas may help as well. Maybe you want to PIN or bookmark it for future years, as it is bound to be rainy again!

Let’s start with how to find indoor activities and suggestions on some places that host them on Oct 31st. Not all events happen on Halloween Day, be sure to look for options up to a week in advance, if you want to take advantage of all the Halloween fun!

Let’s start with ideas for still going door to door on Halloween night. 

How to stay dry and happy while out Trick or Treating on a rainy Halloween:

If your children have a costume they are set on and there is no changing it, head to the dollar store to find a clear poncho to put over it, and you can always add an umbrella to carry. If all else fails, grab a clear garbage bag and cut holes for head and arms, and they can wear it over their costume.

Sometimes being a little creative is all it takes to make an extra fun and frugal costume to suit the weather. Here are a few examples of rainy day costumes.

Want to stay in? Here are some ideas:

Keep in mind, just because you stay in, does not mean you will not have people at your door. So be prepared with an adult ready to pass out treats anyway. Or, perhaps your kids would like to have the honors of answering the door in their costumes and passing out the treats.

Attending indoor events can be just as much fun as going door to door. Search for indoor events in your community put on by organizations and businesses. See tips on finding them below.

Invite your neighbours over for an impromptu party. Assign each family a room/door in your house and have the kids “trick or treat” at each door. Or you can pool all the treats together and play some games or have a scavenger hunt. 

Don’t have many neighbours, or want to do something on your own, create a scavenger hunt around your home, or grab some treats and enjoy some Halloween movies with the kids. 

Other fun things to do last minute:
Carve or Paint Pumpkins
Bake Spooky Treats
Have A Dance Party (Spotify Playlist)

Tips for finding events and indoor locations:

Start by searching “Trunk or Treat” in your area. Many organizations and churches offer events that include trick or treating leading up to Halloween. 

Malls are another great option for indoor fun.

In many communities, Individual stores may have events happening as well. Do a search on Facebook for events in your area. Also, check local shops, some will put on a last-minute event for the kids.  (ie. Bass Pro Shops)

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