DIY Costumes For kids

DIY Costumes For kids With Halloween just around the corner, let's talk about making costumes. Have you ever made your child's costume?  You do not need special sewing skills to pull together a unique and fun idea. Many store bought costumes are $25 or more and are not warm or durable. Home made costumes can be made to fit with room for cozy sweaters or to be used later for dress up. I made costumes for my oldest boy for several years and will definitely be doing some for my youngest in the years to come. Here was the soldier costume I made from a Thrift store jacket and some fabric remnants. Yes, there was sewing involved, but not finished nice on the inside. (No one could see that though) The hat was from our Summer vacation to Cape Breton, where we went to the Fortress of Louisburg. image

image  image

I have made pirate costumes, ghost (not a sheet over the head 🙂 ) and the Soldier. So much fun for me, and my son never had the same costume as someone else.


Below we have compiled a few super cute and creative ideas for you. Many of these are simple and did I mention cute!?!


Baby Gumball Machine Pom poms! Now this idea would be easy, warm and comfy for any little trick or treater.



So cute and super easy to whip up this costume.


Lego costume! Easy, easy, easy!


Toy Soldier

GREEN Spray paint! Genius idea for any child who loves toy soldiers.


Ninja Turtle

Some felt from the dollar store, a roasting pan and a little paint, and voila, a Ninja Turtle.


Spaghetti & Meatballs Now this is absolutely adorable! Yarn, pom poms, basin and a placemat (don't forget the adorable baby!).


Paper Doll

How cute! Do little girls even play with paper dolls anymore? I know I did as a child, but that was 30+ years a long time ago!



Felt again! Who would have thought you could make such cute costumes with it? I think a cute addition to this costume would be a "pouch" type opening in the front that people put the treats into. They would be filling the Piñata. Just be sure keep away for those yeilding a stick!


Carl from UP (photo credit) This one is from a photographer's website, but pretty simple to duplicate. What a sweet idea!


Found Here My 2.5 yr old is obsessed with Curious George! This is such a great costume.

imageOh, this would have been for my son when he was younger. Huge Star Wars fans here! Star Wars by Melly Sews


Another adorable Pom Pom creation. A sweet, cuddly little lamb!

Little Lamb from

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