Don’t make me laugh or sneeze or jump up to fast – Adventures in Incontinence

Okay, this one is for the ladies, and I am going to be open and talk about a topic very few of us speak about. Incontinence, yup…peeing our pants, worrying about the smell, afraid of leaking and all the joy that comes along with being the 1 in 2 women experiencing incontinence.

This blog post is sponsored by Uresta. All opinions and wording are my own. I was happy to take on this important topic and share their medical device and my review with you.

Since I was around 30 ( had my first child at 28), I have had to take it easy doing cardio like jumping jacks, running and Zumba, being in taekwondo in my mid 30’s was “fun”, sneezing and laughing became embarrassing in my late 30’s and now in my 40’s I am relying on panty liners or pads every day…at least until I was asked to try out Uresta! 

For starters, I want to acknowledge that the company is based out of Shediac, New Brunswick, the device was designed by a doctor in Nova Scotia, and it is manufactured in Canada as well. I love supporting businesses that are local and conscious of where they manufacture their products as well. So great to know this is ALL CANADIAN!

The uresta® bladder support is a medical device that you insert similar to a tampon. You do not feel it at all. For me, it has completely stopped the leaks. I do use the next size larger if I am going to exercise (like jumping jacks, lunges, skipping or a Zumba class). 

This is Me, at the gym, BEFORE uresta, when I wore an extra-long nighttime pad so I didn’t leave puddles around when working with my trainer!


The uresta® bladder support presses gently against the vaginal wall and supports the urethra to significantly reduce or stop leaks. 

The uresta® bladder support was designed by a urogynecologist to work with your body. 

For the past few months I have been using uresta® and it has been such a game-changer for me. No more worries in public that there may be an odour and no wet pants when trying to chase my son or get some exercise…or, let’s be real, even worrying about laughing! (below was during a presentation at a conference…you don’t want mistakes to happen there!)

A few more details:
  • You do not need a prescription in Canada to purchase the uresta®
  • It can be claimed on many insurance plans. 
  • You only have to replace yearly, making it a more sustainable option to liners and pads.

I interviewed Carol Chapman, CEO of Resilia Inc., about how uresta® was developed and what it is doing to help women around the world have more confidence and active lives.

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My superpower? I pee when I sneeze, cough, laugh too loud or too much. Ok, so it’s not really a superpower, but SUI is something I’ve had to deal with since giving birth to my son. Dang, that’s 11 years lol What is SUI? “Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is when urine leaks out with sudden pressure on the bladder and urethra, causing the sphincter muscles to open briefly.” I kind of feel like no one talks about SUI until it happens the first time and you are like “Did I just PEED myself?!!” I remember looking up “peeing when I sneeze” online and reading all the comments about other women experiencing the same thing. At the time, I felt like “whelp, this is going to be my life from now on.” Thankfully, there are ways to manage SUI. For one thing, my doctor suggested I do Kegels. Another option is to wear absorbent pads/pantyliners. I recently started using uresta® to help me with my SUI. @stoptheleaks is a bladder support that can help significantly reduce or stop leaks. If you suffer from SUI, you should totally look into getting one as well. I’ll leave the link in my bio so that you can read more about it. If you suffer from SUI, do you have other tips to help reduce it? #AD #urestaPEEple #stoptheleaks

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