Shopping With Ruth Ann: Superstore

My grocery Order Dec 16th, 2015 image Today is the day after a snow/ice storm here in Moncton. The perfect day to pick up some 50% off items and the last day of the sales flyer. I looked at the flyer starting tomorrow before heading out, and with my list in hand, went shopping. I was able to stay within my $125 budget and have a little to purchase the few items I want to get tomorrow with the new sales. image Meat (didn’t need anything in particular, lots in freezer at the moment)
  • 2 stuffed Chicken Breast (fresh in meat dept) $3.99 – 50% off = $2
Produce (this is where I spend the most money each week)
  • Apples 4lb Gala $4.99 - $0.75 (Coupgon) = $4.24 (earned 1,000 pts = $1)
  • Large Container Grape Tomatoes $6.99 - 50% = $3.50 (there were ONLY 2 tomatoes  had to throw out)
  • Mini Potato Mix $3.79 - $1 (Coupgon)=$2.79
  • Carrots $2 - $0.75 (Coupgon) = $1.25
  • 3 Red Peppers $2.99
  • Grapes $2.99
  • Clementines 2 lb $3.50 (There are large crates for $5.99, but we won't eat that many, so I bought less)
  • Small Fruit Tray $12.99 - 50% = $6.50
  • Med Salad $5.92- 50% = $2.96
  • Med Salad $8.56 -50% =$4.28
  • 2X Bread 2/$5 - There was none on the discount rack today 🙁
  • Mini Croissants $3.99 - 50% = $2
  • 4L milk $6.25
  • 4X Butter $2.99 = $11.96 - $1 (Coupgon)=$10.96  (Christmas Baking)
  • Large Eggs $1.99
  • Parkay Margarine $2.99
  • iogo Nano Drinks $3.99
  • Waffles 4X $1.50 = $6  (stocking up)
  • 2X Graves Peas $0.99 = $1.98
  • Oats $2.29
  • 2X PC Fruit Crisps $1.99= $3.98
  • White Chocolate Chips 2X $2.89 =$5.78  (Christmas Baking)
I also redeemed a Coupgon for $1 off Groceries and $0.50 off Groceries. Total before Coupgons and discounts: $114.91 Total after Discounts and Coupgons: $88.67 Cash Back Offers Claimed: Zweet $0.25 (bread) PC Plus POINTS earned: 1,000 = $1 ▪•••••▪•••••▪•••••▪•••••▪•••••▪ Don't ever pass by the discount rack or pink stickers! The tomatoes were a great price with pink sticker. Only 2 were bad! image image I wanted to stick to my list today but there were so many pink stickers all over the store. If I knew I would have time to prepare, I would have picked up more fresh food to make freezer meals, soups or just to freeze as is. Knowing I will want to shop again just before Christmas, I only purchased what I know we will eat this week. I allow myself to shop more often in Dec and have room in my budget to feed company for the next few weeks. We are hosting family for Turkey Dinner and again on the 30th for my son's birthday. Budgets tend to be tighter for most this month. I have airmiles saved to redeem at Sobey's, points at Superstore and recipes picked out to make meals for the next 3 weeks. What are some of the things you do in December, when it comes to saving on everyday costs?

Getting Paid to Shop!

Getting Paid to Shop! Here's a shopping trip from Albert B, on of our readers. Check out how he not only got free items, but got paid much more back. ---- image I got paid $15 to take this out of the store! Cha-Ching! Wheat Thins (really 5 but opened 1 already) $1.98 at Walmart - minus $1 coupon from - minus $1 rebate from Checkout 51 Sunlight Dishwasher tabs $4.94 at Walmart - minus $2 peelee from Sunlight liquid soap bottles - minus $6 rebate from Checkout 51 Reaction ... PRICELESS!

Shopping with Ruth Ann Oct 16

Shopping with Ruth Ann Oct 16th image Tonight I had a few things on my list to pick up for donations, gifts and our household. I went to Walmart and Jean Coutu. The only items I picked up unplanned were the Ziploc Zip n Steam bags and Cottonelle wipes. I saved 80% at Walmart and 67% at Jean Coutu. Check out 5he details below! image Walmart 2× Glade Warmers $7 -$7 (insert)= free Glade Large Candle $7-$3 (insert)-$3 (snap,cash back)=$1 Jergens Lotion $4.97- fpc=free OB Tampons $4.47- fpc =free 4× Axe Body Wash $ 3.74-$4wub2 (insert)=$1.74 each Bananas $0.77/lb =$1.45 -$0.25 (zweet)=$1.20 2× Cottonelle wipes travel pack $0.50 each 2× Palmolive Dish Soap $1.88 -$1 (insert)=$0.88 each - $ 1.50 wub2 ( checkout 51 ) =$0.26 or $ 0.13 each Total before coupons = $51.61 +$5.29 (tax)=$56.90 Total Coupons Used=$36.44 Cash Back =$4.75 Total AFTER Coupons & Cash Back =$10.42 Tax $5.29 Total OOP =$15.71 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ That's 80% SAVINGS using coupons and apps. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Jean Coutu 2× Degree Antiperspirant $ 1.99-$1 (insert)=$0.99 each 2× Dove bar soap $1.99-$1.50 (peelie)=$0.49 each Ziploc Zip n' Steam $0.99 -$1 (Checkout 51 ) = Free Total before coupons= $8.95 +$1.16 (tax)=$10.11 Coupons Used =$5 Cash Back app =$1 Total AFTER Coupons & Cash Back =$2.95 Tax $1.16 Total OOP =$4.11 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ That's 67% SAVINGS using coupons and apps. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Shopping with Judy: Dove Deals

Shopping with Judy: Dove Deals   image OUT & ABOUT – Oct 8, 2015 How I made money shopping today. Dove Deals at Superstore
  • Dove Bar $3.59 -$1.50 =$1.49 -$1.50 = FREE (checkout 51)  bought 2 so paid $1.49 for 2nd one
  • Dove Men Care Body &Face Wash Product $3.49 -$2 =$1.49 (TP) -$1.50 =FREE (checkout 51)
  • Dove Men Care + Hair product  $3.49 -$1.50 (insert) =$2.00 -$2=FREE (checkout 51)
  • Dove Body Wash $3.49-$2 (print) =$1.49 -$2 = +50 (checkout 51) x2 =$1.00 profit
Total Cost .50 But it gets better! Total Purchased $20.49 + Personal points offer 3500 for every $10 = 7000pts =$7.00 worth of points + instore 250 /item = 1500 points =$1.50 Total $8.50 in points   More Freebies Club House Skillet sauces $1.50-.75=.75 (Coupgon) x3 -$1 = +25 each (Checkout 51) x3 = .75 Overage Club House Slow Cooker sauces $1.50 -.75=.75 (Coupgon) x3 -$1 = +25 each (Checkout 51) =.75 Overage Total overage $1.50 Knorr Fettuccini .99 x3 -3/$3=FREE   Other deals:
  • Axe Hair product $2.99-$1=$1.99 (checkout 51)
  • Janes chicken $3.99-$2=$1.99 x2
  • Pam $3.99 -50% =$1.99-$1=.99 (insert)
  • Ziploc Freezer bags (large) $3.49-1300 points =$2.19
  • Arugula lettuce $3.49 (on sale)
  • Maple Leaf Chicken Breasts $15.41 -50% =$7.71- $4 (pkg)=$3.71
  • Uncle Bens Basmati Rice Express side $1.00 -$1=.99
  • Mussels .49 (onsale .49/lb)
Coupons used $25.50 plus Savings $35.21 Used $40 pcpoints OOP $5.30 but made $10.00 on Points & Coupgon Overage    

Shopping with our readers: OOP less than 10% OC

Shopping with our readers: OOP less than 10% OC Barbara- Ann paid less than 10% of the Original Cost for these products after coupons! Check out the details below 12011394_10156084050930083_7634192796857958650_n   Retail Cost - 112.94, Actual cost to me- 10.99! Walmart
Jergens Lotion – 4.99-FPC = FREE!
Colgate enamel toothpaste – 1.97 – 1.00 MC = 0.97

2x Kleenex – 1.00- 1.00 MC = FREE!

8x Iams Kitten Food – 9.99 Reg, Sale for 4.94 – 3.00 MC = 9.52
2x Iams Kitten Food – 9.99 Reg, Sale for 4.94 – SCOP (Two different occasions) = FREE!

Atlantic SS
Playtex Sport Pads – 2.50-2.00 MC = 0.50
  Scaning Code Of Practice (SCOP) is followed by many retailers and entitles you to a free item if it scans incorrectly. Please READ HERE for all the details and rules around it.

Shopping with Our Readers: Aug 29th

Shopping with Our Readers: Aug 29th Celina K had a great shop today. Superstore and Jean Coutu image "Lucky day for me. 13 Cases of 6 -V8 juice, each just 99 cents, 21 bottles sunny D 1.00 each but coupon for 2.00 off made them 33 cents each, 6 trays of reduced ground turkey roughly 2.00 each but I had the orange 2.00  coupons so they were free. 3 packages ribs reduced to 3.00 each, 6 glade plugins reduced to 4.00 and I had BOG1 coupons making them 2.00 each too bad they are no longer on SNAP., veggie trays and a cauliflower all reduced by half. Frozen themed dinnerware, each piece 99 cents as were the school supplies. $32.00 plus I had $10.00 in airmiles I used up at Jean Coutu as well as $20.00 in PC points. I love it when a plan comes together  Not everything is in this photo as I couldn't get it all on the counter organized enough in the small space I had to work with. I may try again later. I still have my table full of school supplies and jam etc...from last weeks haul Lol. Time to put it away." Way to go Celina! Thank you for sharing.

Shopping with Our Readers: Albert Is At It Again!

Shippipping with Our Readers: Albert Is At It Again!
Thank you to Albert for sharing this fabulous shop with us on our Trades group.


"I was paid $15 to take this out of the store!

Well over $100 in product regular price.

Not included in picture were three packages of frozen vegetables at $2 each and didn't have coupons for those.

Used $81 in coupons

Total out of pocket was $17.28 at the cash ... including tax.

Then I got $12.50 rebate from SNAP, $10 rebate from Zweet, and $10 rebate from CO51!

Profit = $15

Somehow, I even receive a 1 cent gas coupon too.

Can't wait to drop off most at the local Food Bank."

Shopping with Ruth Ann July 9th

Shopping with Ruth Ann July 9th


POSTED ON JULY 9th, 2015
Last night I had planned to get out to cash in on the Oasis Juice and Wonder Bread deal. Each were $2 at No Frills.

I had 3 of the $4 WUB3 coupons.

Deciding to wait until this morning, I took my chances on finding some Wonder Bread on the discount rack.
The Oasis juice is $1.99 starting today at Atlantic Superstore. Wonder Bread is $2.50 each or $4.50 for 2.
Well, I scored 6 loaves on the 50% off rack!! Making each loaf, with the multibuy price of 2/$4.50=$2.25/loaf -50% = $1.125. Glad I waited and went to the discount rack at Atlantic Superstore!

6 loaves of bread and 3 cartons of juice for $1 out of pocket!
6 loaves of bread and 3 cartons of juice for $1 out of pocket!

3X Oasis Juice $1.99 = $5.97
6X Wonder Bread $1.125 = 6.75
= 12.72
- 3X $4 coupon = $0.72 + deposit
Plus deposit for 3 containers. ($0.30)

Out Of Pocket = $1.02 (Rounded to $1)


This amount of bread and juice will maybe last a week in our house.  If you have the coupons and come across the bread on discount like this, you should stock up. This is an amazing deal!
I gave most of my coupons away (as I do with most these days), but a have a couple more of these and may try to pick up some more breof the end of the sale.

It is possible to save on decent food.

In addition to this deal I cashed in on a couple Coupgon (app no longer available) offers.
Strawberries $2.99 - $0.75 (Coupgon)= $2.24
Large Pack of Ground Beef $11.54 - $1 (Coupgon) + 200pts/$1 (PCplus Offer) = $8.34

Shopping with Amanda: June 11th

image Amanda we t shopping and here is the breakdown of the deals she picked up! Total Before Coupons: $50.64 Total Coupons used: $25.50 CASH Back: $2.50 Total After Coupons: $22.64 2x scrubbing bubbles $3.98ea -BOGO(print)=$3.98 for both ($2.50 Cash back, snap) 1x glade aerosol $.88 -$1.00(booklet)=$.12 overage 4x sunlight laundry pacs $3.48ea -$2.00ea(insert)=$1.48ea 2x sunlight (yellow) $2.99ea -free wub laundry = FREE 2x sunlight (red) $2.27ea - free wub laundry=FREE 4x lunchmates $.97ea GREAT PRICE 2x dunkaroos $.97ea GREAT PRICE 2x maxwell house k-cups (pm'd no frills) $5.77ea -$1.00ea(TP)=$4.77ea or $9.54 for both

Shopping with Natalie, June 10th

  Here is what I picked up all this this afternoon: I got the Sunny D at Giant Tiger for $1 each - $2 WYB 3 (TP) = $.33 each  The Gingerale is on sale at Sobey's for $.99, and I had a few $2 WYB 2 coupons, so it was FREE.  The granola bars were $3.29 BOGO, after coupons it was $1.79 for 2.  The best score was all thanks to Nancy, a fan who sent us a message to let us know that there were many hair products on clearance at Lawton's on Elmwood. Because I was close by the Mountain Road one I figured that I should check .... And sure enough there were lots!!!  I got John Fredia for $2.87 - $1 (TP) = $1.87, Pantene for $3.50 -$3.50 WYB (insert) = $1.75 each, and there was 1 bottle of men's Clear for $1.67 - I didn't have a coupon but it was still a good deal.  The John Fredia Shampoo is regular price $7.99!!  Overall I spent just over $25 and earned $1 back from CO51 for Pantene.    Thanks for reading!