RECALL on Ritz Products

Christie brand Ritz Bits Sandwiches (Cheese and Pizza Flavours) recalled due to Salmonella
Recall date: July 20, 2018
Reason for recall: Microbiological - Salmonella
Distribution: National

Mondelēz Canada is recalling Christie brand Ritz Bits Sandwiches (cheese and pizza flavours) from the marketplace due to possible Salmonella contamination. Consumers should not consume the recalled products described here.

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You Really Can Eat Healthy On A Small Budget

You Really Can Eat Healthy On A Small Budget

People ask me all the time if I actually save money on good healthy food. This post will hopefully prove that it is possible.

Looking back over shopping trips from the past year or so, I wanted to share some amazing deals that I was able to get using coupons, cash back or other savings strategies.


  • Plan ahead! Meal planning, stocking up on sales and knowing how much your family eats will all help you save. Many of us over buy then end up wasting food. Plan, plan, plan.
  • Meat: Shop early in the day and look for those packs of meat close to Best Before dates. Most stores will mark them down 50% to sell fast.
  • Meat From Butcher: If you have a local butcher or market, there are often deals when you buy in bulk, or in freezer packs.
  • Meat from the Farm: If you purchase meat directly from a farmer, you can often get a good deal on 1/4 cow, or 1/2 pig, etc...this will be a large purchase, but will last a long time. Supporting local and getting meat as fresh as possible are added bonuses!
  • Fruit & Veggies: Again, clearance racks are great at supermarkets. Often a small bruise or one tomato in a container could be bad. Cut off the bruises on fruit and chop up and freeze for smoothies or pies. Veggies are perfect to chop and make soups, sauces or chilies.
  • Yogurt: Keep watching for those mark downs or sales and coupons for Yogurt especially. Freeze yogurt in ice cube trays, then use in smoothies.
  • Milk: You can also freeze milk, simply thaw and shake well before drinking. Watch for bonus points offers at Shoppers or Superstore. You can also find coupons for soy and almond milks often

Below are just a few examples of savings on regular grocery trips. Using Cash back apps, digital offers (PC points) and coupons can help you save even more on your regular grocery bill.

$1 for 6 loaves of bread and 3 Oasis 1.75l Juice

By purchasing the bread on the discount rack, and using a high value coupon for Bread and Juice combo, I was able to get all this for only $1.02.



Clearance and pink stickers galore!

All the items below were purchased for $61.40 

  • Whole Chicken
  • Lean Ground Chicken 
  • Lemon Chicken
  • Lemon Chicken
  • 3 Pepper Beef Strips
  • Kale
  • Tomatoes
  • 4 pk  Peppers
  • Broccoli
  • 5 packs Mini Go Drinks ($2 each)
  • 3 blocks Black Diamond Cheese
  • 2 small Salads
  • 1 Medium Salad

Get all the details HERE.











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Looking Back to 2012, here's a great shop!


This is an oldie, but we had great booklets for $ off meat in the Ziploc bags that year.

  • Turnip $0.95 - $0.75 = $0.20
  • Snow Peas $1.65 - $0.75 = $0.90
  • Gr Beans $1.56 - $0.75 = $0.81
  • Onions BOGO Free $2.89 - $1.50 = $0.70 each (X2)
  • Cabbage $1.57 - $0.75 = $0.82
  • Chicken $2.26 - $1.50 = $0.76
  • Chicken $2.28 - $1.50 = $0.78
  • Chicken $2.24 - $1.50 = $0.74
  • ML Prime Chicken $7.71 - $2 = $5.71
  • ML Prime Chicken $7.60 - $2 = $5.60
  • GF Bread Mix $4.99 - $1 = $3.99
  • Bathroom Cleaner $5.49 - FPC = FREE

This is from January 2017.

  • 2 X Minigo 2/$5
  • Plain Greek Yogurt $2.15
  • Coconut Milk $2.99
  • Almond Milk $2.99
  • Fruit Tray, melon & berries $5.99 - 50% = $3 (I am the only one who eats melon, so rarely buy it, this is my treat)
  • Taco Salad $7.50 -50% =$3.75
  • Rolls 6pk $3.49 - 50%= $1.75
  • 1lb Strawberries $4.99
  • English Cucumber $1.49
  • 4 pk Red Peppers $3.99
  • Tomato Variety pack $6.99 - 50% = $3.50
  • 4lb Gala Apples $4.99
  • 4X Nectarines $3.03
  • Lean Ground Beef $11.99 - 50% = $6
  • Lean Ground Beef $12.21 - 50% = $6.10
  • Pork Chops $4.91
  • Pork Chops $4.91
  • Chicken Breasts Value pack $13.52 - $0.75 Coupgon= $12.77 (8 pack,not pictured as I put them in the oven and slow cooker when I got home)

TOTAL: $78.31

I hope you find these tips helpful. Feel free to share any tips you have for saving on food.

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Shopping Brag New Year’s Eve – Natalie

Thank you Natalie for sharing your shop!! ​NEW YEARS BRAG ?Before the coupons expired, I headed to Superstore. Here's what I got.
  • 6 x Quaker Oatmeal ($1.88-$1 Tear Pad = $.88 each)
  • 16 x Crispy Minis ($.88 each - Buy 3 get 1 free Tear Pad = $.66 each)
  • Vector $5.99 Free Product Coupon = FREE
  • 2 x Vector Bars ($2.99 -$2 Mail Out coupon = $.99 each)
  • Kotex U $3.50-$3.99 - $2 Tear Pad = $1.49-1.99 each
  • 3 x Heinz Beans $.99 - $1 When You Buy 3 Coupgon = $.65 each 
  • Prime Chicken Pack ($5.49 - $5 Mail Out = $.49)
  • Becel (Rain Check $3.99 -$1.50 Coupon = $2.49)
  • My receipt says I used $39 in coupons. My order came to $28. I used $20 PC Points for a total out of pocket of $8. 

How I Saved 79% Today!

Shopping with Ruth Ann: How I Saved 79% Today! image I tell people in my seminars all the time, it's hard to save 50% plus on healthy food, so focus on the other items you buy. Save the most on toiletries and other items to be able to buy more fresh food and healthy options. Here is an example of how I stock up on a good deal. I limit myself to 6 of an item (just my personal choice). image 6 x Dove Shampoo @$2.50 each 6 x Dove Shave Cream @ $3.96 each 3 x Garnier Shampoo $3.96 each 1 Pampers Wipes $2.99 Total of items on sale: $53.63 Plus Tax = $6.97 TOTAL BEFORE COUPONS AND CASH BACK APPS $60.60 image TOTAL AFTER COUPONS AND CASH BACK $11.63 + TAX Total Out of pocket= $18.60 That's 79% Savings! image Dove Shampoo $0.50 each image Dove Shave Cream $0.96 each image Garnier Shampoo  $0.96 each image Pampers Wipes Free

Some stock up and clearance shopping May 15th

Some stock up and clearance shopping May 15th Today I did a little stock up and clearance shopping. To be clear, this is NOT my grocery order. These are extras I was picking up to stock up on at good prices. I don't do this a whole lot these days, so it was nice to just go out and look. We needed to pick up some body wash and soap for the boys. At Shoppers Drug Mart this afternoon I picked up 6 boxes of 2 bars of soap and 6 bottles of body wash. Body wash was $2.99 -$2(insert) =$0.99 each Bar Soap was 2/$5 -$2 (insert) =$0.50 each PLUS you always pay tax on the price before coupons. image Subtotal: $32.94 +$ 4.28 (tax)=$37.22 Coupons: -$24 After Coupons: $8.94 +tax TOTAL Out Of Pocket: $13.22 BONUS: I earned 4,000 pts =$5 74% Savings off Sale prices! °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°• Next, I picked up 2 x 6pk of Bounty Paper Towels at Jean Coutu. Sale was $2.99 and I used a $0.50 coupon from the Brandsaver insert. image Subtotal $5.98 + $0.78 (tax)=$6.76 Coupons -$1 After Coupons $4.98 + tax TOTAL out of pocket $5.76 17% Savings off Sale Price °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°• After supper, I went back to shoppers to get a couple things I noticed when out earlier. I was on my way by and had my binder with me this time 🙂 2× Simple Face Wash clearance $3 -$3 (insert )=$0.00 2x Fructis Hair Conditioner $2-$1 (tear pad )=$1 each image Subtotal $10 + $1.30 tax=$11.30 Coupons -$8 After Coupons $2 + tax TOTAL out of pocket =$3.30 80% Savings off Sales Prices °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°• My last stop was Superstore to pick up 4x Stayfree & 4x Aylmers Tomatoes. I also scored 6x Brookside Chocolate in a clearance bin. There were also Carnation Hot Chocolate cans marked at $1.94, so I grabbed 3 cans. 4x Stayfree $2.99 -$2 (tear pad)=$0.99 each image 4x Aylmers Tomatoes $0.99-$1wyb2 (booklet)=$0.49 each (250 pts each=$0.25) image 6x Brookside Chocolate $4.99-50%-$1wyb2 (tear pad)=$1.50 / bag image 3x Carnation Hot Chocolate $1.94 -$0.50 (tear pad) =$1.44 each image Subtotal $51.68 + $3.50 tax=$55.18 Coupons -$14.50 (-$14.97 discount stickers) =$32.47 After Coupons $19.21 + tax TOTAL out of pocket =$22.71 63% Savings off Sale Prices °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°• Total Before Coupons =$100.60 + tax ($110.46) Coupons & Discounts =$65.47 Total After Coupons & Discounts =$35.13 Tax $9.86 Total Out Of Pocket =$44.99 Plus $5 Optimum Points and $1.50 PC Plus points towards a future purchase.

Donations to local charities, Check this out!

Donations to local charities, Check this out!


I am so excited to share this donation shopping done by our reader Celina. She purchased over $3,000 worth of food over the past 3 weeks, on several shopping trips, and paid NOTHING, in fact she earned points, Airmiles and some free products!

There is a huge need for non perishables and some perishables (if the organization can accommodate).

I often tell people that if you coupon, then never give a $money donation to a group you can coupon for!

Think about a $20 cash donation:

The organization may go out and use it to buy 4 or many 5 bottles of body wash.

If you use coupons and that same $20 and use coupons to get the body was for about $0.50 plus tax. You would be able to get about 20 bottles including the taxes.

Here is what Celina purchased over the course of 3 weeks and several shopping trips:

"$3077.00 donation to Second Mile foodbank/ Helping Hands foodbank and Humanity Project over last 2 weeks. Everything here was completely free through couponing. 60 pkgs bologna, 559 pkgs soup, 150 pkgs rolaids, 47 tuna toppers and other odds and ends. A couple receipts are included. As proof you will see my only charges were for 2 pkgs seeds and a pop in these. Plus I walked away with bonuses over and above for our family. For example, every time I purchased 3 bologna I received free chicken or bacon and PC points/Airmiles towards future purchases. I tried highlighting points but it looks like a black marker on receipt after scanning. Locations of deals are on my receipts."

Lawtons SuperstoreSoup Tuna

Thank you to Celina for sharing her shopping and also for supporting our local charities! You Rock Girl!!

Grocery Shopping Feb 7, 2016

Grocery Shopping Feb 7


This is 2 weeks after posting my first Grocery Order shop for you. I didn't post one last week, since I used mostly food from my pantry and freezer for our meals last week. I did pick up Milk, Coffee Cream and some yogurt last week. Other than that, we ate what was here.

For this week, I was focussed on getting a couple fresh veggies and meat. This morning was like Mark Down Central at the local Superstore! I scored a few great deals. The only thing I wasn't able to pick up was Strawberries (I was not about to pay $7 for them. The last 3 times I have purchased strawberries they have gone moldy within 2 days. My little guy loves them, but it will have to be something else this week!

I will pick up a bag of apples and some bananas in a couple days, as we still have enough until mid week.

So, here is the breakdown with photos. I will share my meal plan later tonight.

Happy Shopping,

Ruth Ann


Whole Chicken $7.59
This is not for this week's meals. I picked it up to freeze. Will use next week to prep meals.


Marked Down Meat
I do not usually purchase seasoned meats, but these were a great price. Plus it cut down on prep time for me today. I have to have everything prepped and ready before the big game starts tonight!

  • Lean Ground Chicken $8.14-50%=4.07 -$1.00 ground chicken (Coupgon) =$3.07
  • Lemon Chicken 4.19-50%=$2.10
  • Lemon Chicken  $3.52-50%=$1.76
  • 3 Pepper Beef Strips 2x $7=$14 -50%=$7
  • Total Meat including whole chicken above


This was completely unplanned, and I may have gone a little overboard. My little guy (3 yrs old) is going through a rough patch with food, he just does not want to eat. Yogurt drinks are one of the only things we are guaranteed he WILL eat.

Needless to say, at $2 for 6 drinks, I picked up 5 packs to last us a few weeks.

  • Mingo Drinks $3.99 -50%=$2
    I picked up 5, good until Feb 23rd.
  • Total spent=$10



  • Kale $2.99
  • Broccoli $2.99
  • 4pk Peppers $2.99
  • Tomatoes $1.99 (on mark down rack)

Total= $10.96


  • Black Diamond Cheese Blocks $4.99 -$1 coupon =$3.99 each



Salads are something I almost always pick up 50% off. I try to make my own, and some weeks I do, but most of the time when I buy the ingredients, something ends up going bad. This way I am usually paying about the same, and no waste. (I just wish I could find a use for the containers, maybe that is my next Pinterest search!)

Discount Salads: You have to look at the bottom to make sure they are not mushy 🙂 but most of the time they are good for a day or two.

2 small salads and 1 medium. This will do us 2 days.

  • Small Caesar $3.31-50%=$1.66
  • Small BLT $4.12 -50%=$2.06
  • Medium BLT $6.46 -50%=$3.32

Total $6.95



*Please keep in mind, there will be junk food and not so healthy options at times, but I try to shop relatively healthy. We have a family of 4, children 3 yrs and 12 yrs and 2 adults.

Deals at Superstore Today!

Deals at Superstore Today! Here are a few stock up items I picked up today while getting my groceries. image Items with Coupons: 3x Dove Men's Deodorant $ 2.99 - $ 2 ( insert ) =$ 0.99 each 3x Dove Men's Body Wash $ 2.99 - $ 2 ( insert ) =$ 0.99 each 1x Dove Men's Hair Care $ 2.99 - $ 2 ( insert ) =$ 0.99 4x Secret Antiperspirant $ 2 - $ 1 ( insert ) =$ 1.00 =$10.93 On clearance : 2× Dudley Locks (reg. $5.99)$1.44 =$2.88 8× Elmers Glue (reg.$2.49)  $0.34 =$2.72 Total=$16.53 Taxes (on price before coupons $34.53) =$ 4.49 Out Of Pocket Price= $21.02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Total without coupons or discounts would be =$60.83 (before tax)

Grocery Shopping Jan 17th

Grocery Shopping  Jan 17th *

weeklyGrocery Today we went grocery shopping as a family (4 of us). Sometimes this can backfire, when we go without a plan. Today I think we stuck fairly close to plan and ended up with a couple extra deals. Shopping as a group can sometimes create challenges, but today I had my list and planned to get Clayton, my 3 yr old to help putting items in the cart. He did a great job helping, and daddy and big brother Lorne also helped occupy him when I was going through the cash. We went to Atlantic Superstore and Walmart. Here is the break down of our shopping trip. I will post my meal plan later to give you an idea of where the food fits into our plan for the week. One thing I try to do each week is find he best produce prices and only pick up those items (unless there are other produce deals on the clearance rack, lots today, but I didn't even look, too tempting). Atlantic Superstore:
  • Onions $2
  • Carrots $2
  • Cauliflower X4 at $2.50 = $10
  • 3pk Romaine Lettuce $2.50
  • Golden Delicious Apples 4lb bag $2.50 - $0.75 (Coupgon) = $1.75
  • Avocado x2 @$1.67 each=$3.34 - $0.75 (Coupgon) = $2.59
  • PC Thin crust pizzas $5.49 (2,000 pts each) X4 = $21.96 (8,000 pts earned)
  • 4L Milk $6.35 - $1 (Coupgon)= $5.35
  • Eggs x2 @ $1.99 = $3.98
  • Sour Cream $1.89
  • No Name Waffles 8pk x6 @ 1.50 = $9 (Stocking up on these)
  • Larsen Hot Dog Wieners Lg Pack $5.99 (2,000 pts)
  • Hash Browns 2.69
  • PC Cream Cheese (lg) $4.99
TOTAL Out Of Pocket: $76.69 PC PLUS POINTS EARNED: 11,000 (10,000 in store and 1,000 digital) I earned a total of 11,000 pts today, which equals $11 when I redeem them in the future. Plus there are points that will be added for my produce purchases through the Guiding Stars program later this month. I used 3 Coupgons to total $2.50 off at the cash as well. We don't usually buy that many hotdogs or waffles at one time, but they were good prices and we had none left of either. Eggs I purchased to make Breakfast Burritos and Omelet Muffins. Next we went to Walmart and picked up a couple things.
  • Strawberries $2.97 (they are all out, so no luck there!)
  • Ground Chicken x2 (25% off) $5.08 = $10.16
  • Steak Packs x2 (25% off) 7.77 and 6.52 = $13.59
  • Bacon x2 $2.97 - $1 (tear pad) = $1.97 x2= $3.94
TOTAL Out of Pocket: $27.69 These groceries, in addition to what I have on hand, will feed us meals for most of the next 2 weeks. We will buy more salad ingredients for next week. Watch the blog for my menu plan with the above groceries.   *Please keep in mind, there will be junk food and not so healthy options at times, but I try to shop relatively healthy. We have a family of 4, children 3 yrs and 12 yrs and 2 adults.