Shopping with Our Readers: Aug 29th

Shopping with Our Readers: Aug 29th

Celina K had a great shop today.
Superstore and Jean Coutu


“Lucky day for me. 13 Cases of 6 -V8 juice, each just 99 cents, 21 bottles sunny D 1.00 each but coupon for 2.00 off made them 33 cents each, 6 trays of reduced ground turkey roughly 2.00 each but I had the orange 2.00 
coupons so they were free. 3 packages ribs reduced to 3.00 each, 6 glade plugins reduced to 4.00 and I had BOG1 coupons making them 2.00 each too bad they are no longer on SNAP., veggie trays and a cauliflower all reduced by half. Frozen themed dinnerware, each piece 99 cents as were the school supplies. $32.00 plus I had $10.00 in airmiles I used up at Jean Coutu as well as $20.00 in PC points. I love it when a plan comes together  Not everything is in this photo as I couldn’t get it all on the counter organized enough in the small space I had to work with. I may try again later. I still have my table full of school supplies and jam etc…from last weeks haul Lol. Time to put it away.”

Way to go Celina!
Thank you for sharing.

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