Shopping with Ruth Ann July 9th

Shopping with Ruth Ann July 9th


POSTED ON JULY 9th, 2015
Last night I had planned to get out to cash in on the Oasis Juice and Wonder Bread deal. Each were $2 at No Frills.

I had 3 of the $4 WUB3 coupons.

Deciding to wait until this morning, I took my chances on finding some Wonder Bread on the discount rack.
The Oasis juice is $1.99 starting today at Atlantic Superstore. Wonder Bread is $2.50 each or $4.50 for 2.
Well, I scored 6 loaves on the 50% off rack!! Making each loaf, with the multibuy price of 2/$4.50=$2.25/loaf -50% = $1.125. Glad I waited and went to the discount rack at Atlantic Superstore!

6 loaves of bread and 3 cartons of juice for $1 out of pocket!
6 loaves of bread and 3 cartons of juice for $1 out of pocket!

3X Oasis Juice $1.99 = $5.97
6X Wonder Bread $1.125 = 6.75
= 12.72
– 3X $4 coupon = $0.72 + deposit
Plus deposit for 3 containers. ($0.30)

Out Of Pocket = $1.02 (Rounded to $1)


This amount of bread and juice will maybe last a week in our house.  If you have the coupons and come across the bread on discount like this, you should stock up. This is an amazing deal!
I gave most of my coupons away (as I do with most these days), but a have a couple more of these and may try to pick up some more breof the end of the sale.

It is possible to save on decent food.

In addition to this deal I cashed in on a couple Coupgon (app no longer available) offers.
Strawberries $2.99 – $0.75 (Coupgon)= $2.24
Large Pack of Ground Beef $11.54 – $1 (Coupgon) + 200pts/$1 (PCplus Offer) = $8.34

3 thoughts on “Shopping with Ruth Ann July 9th”

  1. I have seen a reference to the buy 3 and save $4 coupons a couple times in the last few days. In reading the coupon it looks to me like you are suppose to purchase the jam and then any other two products to use the coupon properly. Is there maybe another coupon out there that I don’t have that doesn’t have this stipulation?

  2. Yes, there is another version of the coupon that is Buy 1 Oasis Juice and 2 other items.
    that would be the one we are using
    I will try to find another one and snap a pic for you.

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