Shopping with Our Readers: Albert Is At It Again!


Shippipping with Our Readers: Albert Is At It Again!
Thank you to Albert for sharing this fabulous shop with us on our Trades group.


“I was paid $15 to take this out of the store!

Well over $100 in product regular price.

Not included in picture were three packages of frozen vegetables at $2 each and didn’t have coupons for those.

Used $81 in coupons

Total out of pocket was $17.28 at the cash … including tax.

Then I got $12.50 rebate from SNAP, $10 rebate from Zweet, and $10 rebate from CO51!

Profit = $15

Somehow, I even receive a 1 cent gas coupon too.

Can’t wait to drop off most at the local Food Bank.”

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