Welcome to Everything Unscripted!

This is my personal blog where I will share my interests and thoughts. Many people know me as the Moncton Coupon Lady, but I started life as Ruth Ann!

Being a blogger for the past 4 years with the Moncton Coupon Lady page, sharing deals, coupons and anything related to savings, I have come to enjoy blogging.

This site will be my place to be creative, share a little more of “ME” and learn more about myself as well. I love helping others through my other site, but I have been feeling a lack of creativity in the past few years, and THIS is my solution.

I hope you join me in this journey of personal discovery and sharing. Being naturally introverted, I am very much looking forward to meeting even more people though this adventure called life (and blogging). I look forward to meeting you and hearing your input on the topics I blog about.

Welcome, stay a while, and share your thoughts and feelings as well.

~ Ruth Ann