Don’t make me laugh or sneeze or jump up to fast – Adventures in Incontinence

Okay, this one is for the ladies, and I am going to be open and talk about a topic very few of us speak about. Incontinence, yup…peeing our pants, worrying about the smell, afraid of leaking and all the joy that comes along with being the 1 in 2 women experiencing incontinence.

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7 Tips To Survive Your Period (and get to the gym!)

Okay boys, this one is for the ladies and I am warning you now, it is about periods. We are Women, we are Strong, and we have Periods. Getting through that dreaded week each month can sometimes be hard. I know, because in the past I have been downright ill and in bed, especially when … Read more

My #80lbJourney week 6-7 – it’s not easy, but it can be done

Okay, so summer is coming to an end and school routines and Fall activities are going to be starting. Who is looking forward to this? I sure am. As much as I love Summer day tips and time with the kids, routines are out the window all summer for me. The past two weeks we … Read more

My #80lbJourney Week 1a – the starting point to a healthier me

My 80lb Journey – the starting point to a healthier me Eighty pounds, that’s what I want to lose from my body, to be healthier, fitter and happier. Don’t get me wrong, I like myself, but I am not in love with how I feel and look. I have never been a person to worry … Read more


Welcome to Everything Unscripted! This is my personal blog where I will share my interests and thoughts. Many people know me as the Moncton Coupon Lady, but I started life as Ruth Ann! Being a blogger for the past 4 years with the Moncton Coupon Lady page, sharing deals, coupons and anything related to savings, … Read more