Grocery Shopping Feb 7, 2016

Grocery Shopping Feb 7 This is 2 weeks after posting my first Grocery Order shop for you. I didn’t post one last week, since I used mostly food from my pantry and freezer for our meals last week. I did pick up Milk, Coffee Cream and some yogurt last week. Other than that, we ate … Read more

Grocery Shopping Jan 17th

Grocery Shopping  Jan 17th * Today we went grocery shopping as a family (4 of us). Sometimes this can backfire, when we go without a plan. Today I think we stuck fairly close to plan and ended up with a couple extra deals. Shopping as a group can sometimes create challenges, but today I had … Read more

Shopping with Ruth Ann Oct 16

Shopping with Ruth Ann Oct 16th Tonight I had a few things on my list to pick up for donations, gifts and our household. I went to Walmart and Jean Coutu. The only items I picked up unplanned were the Ziploc Zip n Steam bags and Cottonelle wipes. I saved 80% at Walmart and 67% … Read more

Shopping with Ruth Ann: FREE is always good!

Yesterday,  Natalie,  Amanda and I went to Bathurst to teach a Coupon Seminar. While we were there we did  little bargain hunting. Here are the deals I picked up:Sobey’s2X Vector cereal $6.49 =$12.98– FPC = FREE+ $5 CO 51 cash back 5X Ringalos 5/$3 Total before coupons and cash back: $15.98TOTAL OOP=$3.39 (with tax)Plus $5 … Read more

Shopping with Ruth Ann: Target March 18

Having some technical difficulties, pic to come. Target shop 2X Gerber puffs $2.79 (pm Superstore $1.99) – $1wub2 (magazine) – $1wub2 (target booklet) = $0.99 each 2X Gerber cheese sticks $2.79 (pm Superstore $1.99) – $1wub2 (magazine) – $1wub2 (target booklet) = $0.99 each 4X Gerber  $2.29 (pm Superstore $1.99) – $1wub2 (magazine) – $1wub2 … Read more