Shopping with Natalie, June 10th

  Here is what I picked up all this this afternoon:

I got the Sunny D at Giant Tiger for $1 each – $2 WYB 3 (TP) = $.33 each 

The Gingerale is on sale at Sobey’s for $.99, and I had a few $2 WYB 2 coupons, so it was FREE.  The granola bars were $3.29 BOGO, after coupons it was $1.79 for 2. 

The best score was all thanks to Nancy, a fan who sent us a message to let us know that there were many hair products on clearance at Lawton’s on Elmwood. Because I was close by the Mountain Road one I figured that I should check …. And sure enough there were lots!!!  I got John Fredia for $2.87 – $1 (TP) = $1.87, Pantene for $3.50 -$3.50 WYB (insert) = $1.75 each, and there was 1 bottle of men’s Clear for $1.67 – I didn’t have a coupon but it was still a good deal. 

The John Fredia Shampoo is regular price $7.99!! 

Overall I spent just over $25 and earned $1 back from CO51 for Pantene. 


Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I signed up at Superstore Riverview for the coupons info, is it June 16 or June 22? And is it from 7 to 9?

    Thank you!


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