Tugging At The Heart Strings-My Day At Work of Heart

Tugging at the Heart Strings-my day at Work of Heart


I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Work of Heart event on March 25, 2017. It was a retreat, and a wake-up call, a reminder about living your life’s purpose and a booster shot in the faith in humanity. Most of all, it was a community. A group of people of all ages that came together and shared amazing experiences. I could write for days on each of the speakers that presented that day, and of the blessing that I felt sharing this event with friends, but for now, I will give a brief outline. I imagine I will revisit these topics in future columns, but I really want thank these people who shared a bit of their lives with us.

We were welcomed by Angela MacIntyre Harris, who had an idea, and a dream and created this wonderful event. She seemed a little in awe of the fact that she had such peace and relaxation about everything coming together.  I took that a sign that this was going to be all that we imagined and more.

Photo by Donald Robichaud

That feeling proved to be true as we moved into a gentle time of stretching and warm up, and then Cearagh Vessey shared with us how to “get real” about how we look at the world and how to live an authentic life by living our core values. Her message was about noticing where your feelings are coming from, then communicating them to understand them, and then to release what no longer serves your highest good.

Photo by Donald Robichaud

Nadine Larche talked about moving forward, not moving on, and making choices about who you will become. The quote “ I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” was a very powerful reminder of the opportunities that we have every day to decide what kind of life we will live.

Chris Farias was a wildly funny and engaging unicorn of a man, speaking about a very serious, life changing event that led him to identify 5 P’s of mental health: People, Prescriptions, Pets, Pixels and Paint, and lastly, Places.

Jon Gonzales spoke very eloquently on “the Art of Shining” and he shared some lovely memories of his Dad and his example of shining light. Jon’s message about being open, having joy, being oneself, and being willing to try, was delivered in a shy and almost apologetic tone, and when his wife Nicole hugged him through a difficult moment, we were all there with her.

Marcel Petitpas presented a powerful message about turning pain into power, and he finished off with a ritual that we all shared in that unleased a torrent of emotion and energy into the room. I feel that a lot of people tapped into a strength they never knew they had, and others were awakened to the sleeping giant within.

Natalie Davison spoke about building communities, and it was the perfect end to a day of ah ha moments and wake up calls. She reminded us that having a community is not enough, there needs to be reciprocal benefits between the person and the community for each to grow. She gave us homework to take stock of our own communities and to see if they pass the test.

Angela wrapped up the day by giving us three questions to take us from the event. What do you want your life to look like? What’s holding you back? And If not now, when?

Photo by Donald Robichaud

I want to thank Angela for creating with event and the community that is being formed through our experience. I look forward to many more sessions of this type of gathering where the collective energy and good will created a sacred space. And I am so glad I was able to share this day with Ruthann Swansburg , Jenna Morton and Keri Alberts. Having you all there was a blessing. Thankyou as well to Royal Oaks for the great food and location and to the many sponsors who supported Work of Heart. You can find the event on Facebook. Hopefully it will soon become a group so that we can share our experiences and chat with others who are on the same journey. Until next time, ThinkGrowInspireFridays and everyday!

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