TGIF – What does it matter?

What does it matter?

A couple of weeks ago, I was having a difficult time, and couldn’t get my brain around doing a column, and Ruth Ann said it was ok, not to worry about it. Then last week, I was having a great time and didn’t write a column and completely forgot about it. So, what do those two weeks have in common?

Here we go into a soul searching, lesson learning moment. (more…)

Think.Grow.Inspire.Friday – We Are Family

When I was very young I had a record of the story of Snow White. It was a full-length record, with a story book, but most of the pages were gone. I remember sitting and listening to it for hours on end. I knew all the words and all the songs, and though the evil Queen was scary, I knew that things would all work out in the end.


Think.Grow.Inspire.Friday – Mom’s the Word


We live in the house that once belonged to my in-laws, so my husband has been tending the gardens here since 1978. Every spring he cleaned up after the winter’s mess, and pruned, and weeded, and planted a few more perennials, and filled in the empty spaces with a few annuals. He would always tell his mother to let the flowers grow, and to not add anything else. Of course, she never listened and she spent more than one evening going out with her neighbour Shirley to “just pick up a few little plants”. (more…)

tgiF – Use The Force

 tgiF - Use The Force

Two years ago, this week I walked out of the job I had into an uncertain future. The geek in me is pleased to say that it was on May the fourth.  I loved the work I had been doing, but the atmosphere of bullying and harassment had taken its toll on me. To be honest, I had almost left several times, but had always talked myself out of it. Worrying about paying bills and having health insurance coverage kept me there longer than I should have been. (more…)

tgiF – Chapter and Verse

Chapter and Verse

Starting something new is exciting and motivating, or else you wouldn’t have started in the first place. Then we start comparing our progress to those we see around us, and we feel our lack of ability, or progress and we get discouraged. This happens no matter what the thing is that we started, a new meal plan, a new workout, a new job or business or a new relationship. We see the other person as better than we are, and what we are doing. (more…)

TGIF – ​The Way You Do the Things You Do

think. grow. inspire. Fridays with Michelle Collins 

So, as I usually do around this time each week, I was wondering what to write about for my column. As I thought about it, I decided to have a cup of tea, so I got a cup from the cupboard, put a teabag in it and poured in the hot water. Then I squeezed the teabag between my spoon and the side of the cup, took the teabag out, and promptly placed it on the side of the sink…just like my mother used to do. The funny thing is that my grandfather used to do the same thing because he was saving the teabag to use again, and it used to make my mom crazy! 


Tugging At The Heart Strings-My Day At Work of Heart

Tugging at the Heart Strings-my day at Work of Heart

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Work of Heart event on March 25, 2017. It was a retreat, and a wake-up call, a reminder about living your life’s purpose and a booster shot in the faith in humanity. Most of all, it was a community. A group of people of all ages that came together and shared amazing experiences. I could write for days on each of the speakers that presented that day, and of the blessing that I felt sharing this event with friends, but for now, I will give a brief outline. I imagine I will revisit these topics in future columns, but I really want thank these people who shared a bit of their lives with us.


t.g.i.Friday – Can You Hear Me Now?

Can you hear me now?

I have to confess that I have never actually read Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages, but I have seen him in interviews and done the online test, and have found it extremely helpful. For those not familiar with it, he says that people "speak love" in different languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. You can check out the webpage for more detail.  

The thing about these languages is the same as if one partner is speaking English and the other is speaking Greek.


tgiF – I Can See Clearly Now

I Can See Clearly Now

I got new glasses this week. They are “progressives”, so that means I can see near and far without having to lift my glasses to peer down at the fine print. Now with a tilt of my head, I look out through the bottom half of the lens and things come into focus. Ummm, sounds like a column to me.