Nail Polish Dyed Easter Eggs & Topiary

As Easter approaches each Spring, I often do some sort of craft with my children. This year mommy got to try a few crafts for me. I made these Nail Polish Dyed Easter Eggs & Topiary.


I decided to use a new method to “dye” my eggs, using nail polish. I guess the cool kids are calling it hydro dipping now!
Going through my older nail polish, I found 2 shades of pink, white, cream, and 2 shades of blue/green. These were perfect. 

You Will Need:

  • container (old yogurt tub, or another container you can throw out after)
  • water
  • nail polish – at least 3 colours
  • Plastic eggs (from the dollar store, use the craft ones that are dull, not the shiny ones)
  • old egg carton 
  • couple toothpicks or an old pencil

How To Dye Eggs:

  1. Fill your containers about 1/2 to 3/4 full with water.
  2. Drop nail polish into the water, you will want to have the polishes open and ready to drop a few different colours within about 10 seconds. 
  3. With egg in your hand,dunk the egg into the water and twist to pick up the polish. 
  4. Pull out of water and place in egg carton to set. They dry quickly and you do not want to handle them much until dry.
  5. After each egg, use a toothpick or old pencil to swirl around the surface of the water to remove the drying polish and start over for the next egg.
  6. Once the eggs are dry, they are ready to use as a stand-alone decoration in a bowl or incorporated into a crafting project. (see below)

I incorporated mine into a larger project using the eggs as part of a topiary. I used a wooden dowel wrapped in burlap.  Holding up a styrofoam ball covered in ribbon pieces hot glued on.

How would you use these eggs? Have you tried this method?

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2 thoughts on “Nail Polish Dyed Easter Eggs & Topiary”

  1. Love this idea! I would of never thought to use nail polish to dye Easter eggs. Lovely!

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