TIP OF THE DAY: How to Save When Buying Meat


TIP OF THE DAY: How to Save When Buying Meat

  1. PC Plus Offers: One option is to watch for deals on your PC points card at Superstore. For example, when you have 400 points for $1 on beef =40% off. Buy $10 worth of beef and you will earn 4000 points=$4.00
  2. Check your “My Offers on your Air Miles acct with Sobeys. I often times have a 50% off offer on some kind of meat. Limited to one pkg most of the time (always read fine print)
  3. Watch for reduced meats at all stores – usually 30-50% off . A great time to stock up & freeze your meat.
    Right before a store closes for a holiday is a perfect time to find mark downs, as well as the day after a snowstorm.
  4. SHOP LOCAL: most butchers offer great pricing and deals. Customer service is usually better at a small shop and in store or customer specials can be well worth the extra stop in your grocery routine.
  5. Buy a cow! Well not really… If you have freezer space, contact a local farm and inquire about buying a side of beef or a turkey, etc. It will be a larger up front cost if purchasing a cow or pig, but can save you significant amount of money. You will also want to get creative when preparing cuts  you may not normally purchase.

Be open to trying new things and you will be amazed how far you can make you purchases go when feeding your family.

2 thoughts on “TIP OF THE DAY: How to Save When Buying Meat”

  1. I love this article, I cannot recall the last time I purchased meat, fish or seafood at regular price.
    I watch my PC offers & if the meat, (chicken, beef, pork, shrimp or salmon), isn’t on sale I’ll save the offer for the next week.
    For the Sobeys offers on meat I’ve been going to a larger store & asking them to make me 1 or 2 larger packs of meat depending the offer wording. (Last time my offer was for 50% off WUB2 packs of Sterling Silver strip-loin, it’s not limited to the pre-package, it includes the meat in the glass display). I normally get 6 steaks per pack…

  2. We often forget to combine offers/sales to get the most bang for our buck. Thanks for sharing! You are always on top of the offers 🙂

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