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Here is another Guest Post from Vera! She brought us a great tutorial on how she plans her school lunches, now she is back with DIY Fabric Softner…and more to come.

Thank you Vera for the contributions on the site.FabricSoftener3

Well once again I was getting creative. I had planned to make my own fabric softener for the simple reason I could not get the cost low enough to suit my budget.  I would buy it on sale and with a coupon still couldn’t get it below .05 a load.

Every recipe I looked at had to do four things

  1. Ingredients I had on hand or could get cheaply
  2. Nothing to set off my or my son’s asthma
  3. No huge amount of ingredients or equipment needed or time.
  4. MUST BE HE SAFE…I have a front load machine and its brand new.

So I started looking for recipes I might like.  Next I looked at the ingredients and decided I would do this without any coupons to see a true cost of making this product.

So that anyone could make it and  could repeat this anytime without worrying about a coupon.  Mind you it would reduce this cost considerably.  Plus let’s face it most couponers have samples or stock they could take from to do this and reduce the cost significantly.

I specifically went out and purchased a conditioner and vinegar just to make this and prove the true cost.


Hair Conditioner Fabric Softener

2 cups hair conditioner(I found a lovely kiwi-lime for just this recipe)

3 cups distilled vinegar (weirdly enough bought at Deals for you in Miramichi)

6 cups warm water


Mix first two then add in the water.  I used an old vinegar bottle I had saved for this purpose.


My cost

$1.14 for Conditioner (had I used my samples I would of made this a lot cheaper I have 18 or coupons)

$0.54 for vinegar (2.89 for 4liters)

$0.00   for water

= $1.68 for 44 loads equal .038 cents per load.

I rounded it up to .04 cents per load and that for me is a bargain in itself. I redid calculations using a coupon with conditioner i got for .82 with taxes and got it for .03 a load.

Took me less than 10 minutes to measure shake and mix plus label.  I use ¼ cup per load.  I have an old measuring cup from fabric softener I bought at a membership store and

found out their line 3 is the same amount.  If you have hard water add ¼ extra vinegar to this solution.


After a week of using this recipe there is no difference.  If anything my clothes seem softer.  Even the jeans.  I will definitely be using this recipe from here on out.  Next time using coupons and samples to see how much cheaper I can make this.  I know I can do it for less. You can make some major savings with making your own.

Thanks for listening

Vera Preston

3 thoughts on “DIY Fabric Softener”

  1. This is awesome! I’m just wondering if the ingredients in the hair conditioner could clog the dryer filter (I guess fabric softener will do this overtime with wax buildup and can cause fire). That would be my only concern. I wonder what ingredients one would have to watch for in this case..

  2. I use just the straight vinegar and it works like a charm. I am going to try this though and see how it works in comparison. I find the vinegar keeps the colors nice and bright and also keeps the towels soft. No soap build up.

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