Closures & Reduced Hours in Greater Moncton

***UPDATE: As of tomorrow many more businesses will be closed due to the recommendations put forward by the government. We will now encourage you to check our list of businesses going above and beyond in Greater Moncton.
March 16 Press Release made the following recommendations:

  • the provincial government focus its efforts on providing critical services, with all employees working from home wherever feasible and redeploying staff to focus on the most critical activities.
  • private sector companies encourage their employees to work from home wherever feasible and focus on critical activities.
  • child-care providers close with the exception of those that provide services to essential service workers such as health-care workers.
  • the following businesses and public spaces be closed effective tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17, until further notice:

o   libraries;

o   museums;

o   theatres;

o   performance spaces;

o   swimming pools, spas, saunas and water parks;

o   recreational sites such as ski resorts, amusement parks, trampoline centres, etc.;

o   cinemas and arcades;

o   training centres and dance, spinning, zumba and yoga centres;

o   arenas;

o   indoor soccer centres;

o   zoos;

o   aquariums;

o   bars et discotheques;

o   restaurants that offer buffets;

o   sugar bush operations open to the public.

Public Health is also asking restaurant owners to limit the number of customers to 50 per cent of the capacity of their dining areas. Take-out orders, deliveries and drive-through services are permitted.


Please check back daily for updates, and if you know of any we have missed, please post in the comments below and we will continue to provide the details as quickly as possible.
This is a free resource, so I would love your help to keep it up to date. ONLY official press releases or posts from business pages will be used to verify.
PLEASE NOTE: As more and more closures happen, it will be difficult to update completely. We will continue to update daily and try to provide complete listings.

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