Saving Money is sometimes just a matter of asking for a deal!


Saving Money is sometimes just a matter of asking for a deal!JustAsk

As some of you may remember, back in September I was quoted for work on my car, and simply asked for a better deal….they dropped my $250 quote to $150….Well, guess what? I did it again! lol

Now first, let me explain why that was such a big deal (besides the money). I would have never questioned a quote for any service in the past. It wasn’t until I started couponing and really watching how much money was being spent on things, that I started to think, “Why not just ask?”. The worst thing that will happen is they will say no, and then you pay the original amount anyway, right? So why are we so afraid to ask for a better deal??
I have to say, I cannot wait to negotiate my next Car, or other large purchase!

So, yesterday I was calling Bell to ask about the Fiber Op packages and get it set up. We were paying Phone through Bell and Internet and TV through Rogers…so looking to save a few $$ I wanted a bundle that  worked for us.
Well, it was all fine until I told the guy I would like them to add the additional HD box (2nd TV) for free, instead of the $4.95 a month. No big deal right? Well, he flat out said no, and even told me he could transfer me, but they would tell me no as well. So I simply said, “You mean you would lose my business over a $4.95 per month fee? I can just get Home Phone and call Rogers to get my bundle.” Of course he asked me to hold…and upon return to the line said “I have great news for you Mrs. Swansburg! We cannot give you the box included, but I am authorized to give you a $100 Credit on your account.”

Now if you work that out, that is 20 months of Free HD Receiver rental. Not bad…and I plan to call in 12 months time to negotiate it into my plan.

If you have any services on a Yearly agreement (which most are at least), be sure to call on your anniversary date and renegotiate your packages. It is amazing what you can get if you “JUST ASK!”

I am still pretty excited about it, and honestly can’t wait to see what else I can manage to save on this year!

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  1. I had to call Bell about Fibre Op as well last night, When we signed up for it they told us we'd have ALL the channels for free for a month, and to me I seemed to be missing some. So I called and asked, and then he showed me which channels were free (which I did indeed have) but then I said… what about the movie channels?? "oh no they aren't part of the free month offer (pause)….

  2. last week when we went shopping at sears for a new snowblower, I asked what was the best price they could do on the ones that were on display. The salesman came back with savings of $250 off on 2 of the ones I was interested into. However, on one of the other model, he came down $500!!! Why??? He told me that it was last years model – I had the sales information on a smiliar blower from the

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