SCOP or SPAC – Scanning Price Accuracy Code

Have you ever had an item scan at a higher price than what was displayed? Maybe you had the cashier adjust the price, or you simply didn’t buy it. Well, here is the deal, you could have had it free, or $10 off. We are sharing the details on the Canadian Scanner Price Accuracy Code (SPAC formerly known as SCOP). You may not have been aware of this before, but read on to be ahead of the game when it comes to SPAC!
What is SPAC?
It’s a voluntary code of practice that many Canadian Retailers follow. It is meant to ensure that consumers receive accurate pricing based on advertised prices (on shelf or in sales flyers). If the item is below $10, the customer receives the item for free. If the item is priced over $10, the customer receives $10 off the purchase price of the item.
You may see the following displayed in stores that follow this code of practice:
Things to remember when applying the Scanner Price Accuracy Code:
SPAC only applies to non-ticketed items. If an item is tagged with a sticker at a lower price, this is just corrected at cash and does NOT qualify for SPAC. SPAC applies to shelf prices and prices advertised in the store flyer ONLY.
You will only receive SPAC on the FIRST item scanned in wrong. (ie, you have 3 of the same product, that all scan incorrectly. You receive the first as SPAC item, then get the corrected price on the remaining 2 items.)
Some cashiers are unaware of the scanning code of practice policy and if their retailer participates. You may need to ask to speak to a supervisor or manager.
It will likely be up to you to ask for it as the cashier will not likely mention SPAC if an item rings in at a higher price.
This is a voluntary practice in Canada, so not all retailers follow it.
Signatories to Scanner Accuracy
CACDS Supporting Companies:
Shoppers Drug Mart
The Groupe Jean Coutu (NB and Ont only)
Lawton Drug Stores
London Drugs
Lovell Drugs
Pharma-save (BC and Sask)
RCC Supporting Companies:
Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.
The Home Depot Canada
Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd.
Toys r Us
Wal*Mart Canada Corp.
Giant Tiger Stores Ltd.
The North West Company
Best Buy/Future Shop
2 Home Hardware franchisees
Canada Safeway Limited
The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company of Canada Limited
Loblaw Companies Limited
Sobeys Inc.
Metro Inc.
Thrifty Foods
Co-op Atlantic
CFIG Supporting Companies:
Thrifty Foods
Overwaitea Food Group
The Harry Watson Group
Longos Brothers Fruit Markets
Federated Co-operatives Limited
+ 1374 independent locations
The scanning code of practice is endorsed by the
Competition Bureau of Canada.

9 thoughts on “SCOP or SPAC – Scanning Price Accuracy Code”

  1. Does this only apply after you pay and get your reciept?

  2. No, you bring it to their attention at any point during the transaction (after the item scans incorrectly)and they are supposed to give it to you.

  3. You will be surprised how many times this happens. I have used SCOP numerous times, and been couponing for less than a year 😀

  4. It happened to me today at Walmart….first time! I purchased candy and a few other items. The candy scanned wrong so I went to cs and got the difference back…when I got to my car I though I'd check everything on my receipt and noticed I was charged $18.97 on vitamins that were $14.97 so off I go back inside. After she gave me my money back I asked what is SCOP?…she said I was suppose to

  5. When they are ringing my stuff in I watch the screen very closely for wrongly priced items and believe me they are priced wrong more often than you might think. I have gotten so many items for free this way. <br />One thing that bothers me is when you get a raincheck for an item and they never get that item back in the store. I got a raincheck from Superstore for Chapman&#39;s Lolly popsicles 8

  6. So what you&#39;re saying is even if they know about it, you still have to ask, otherwise they will only refund you the difference? So what do you say?

  7. no if it scans wrong, you mention it and they are supposed to give it to you free or $10 off…it scanned wrong, you caught it, not them.

  8. Yes, you will have to ask for it. 99% of the time the cashier will not mention it, just correct the price and move on. They are trained not to mention it unless you ask.

  9. Reason YOU have to ask for it is, per SCOP:<br /><br />&quot;1.1 On a claim being presented by the customer, where the scanned price of a product at checkout is higher than the price displayed in the store or than advertised by the store, the lower price will be honoured;&quot;<br /><br />Key word: CLAIM.

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