Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free & Other Specials

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free & Other Specials

Here are some Canadian Restaurants that offer Kids Eat Free or special offers for kid's though out the week. If you know of other restaurants in your area that offer Kid's Eat Free, please comment below to let us know. We will be starting a "Local" section for non chain restaurants that will be sorted by town/city.¬† (more…)

Savings Tip Of The Day: check your pharmacy

Collecting Coupons

When shopping at the Pharmacy, always look for coupon booklets, samples, etc from the Pharmacist.

WalMart occassionally has coupon booklets, samples and such available at the Pharmacy counter.

Shopper's Drug Mart also has coupon booklets many times. Money off and Optimum points offers.

Ask your Pharmacist, you might be surprised what they have to give you!

* doctors and dentists often have samples and coupons as well ūüôā

Savings Tip Of The Day: Google It!

When something stops working, google how to fix it.

We have repared dripping showers, leaky toilets, lawnmower, dryer and more. This always saved us the minimum service call charge and usually much less in the end to repair, as we didn't pay labour.

Google the model number and brand, plus the problem gou are encountering. Chances are, someone out there has written about handling the same situation. You can often find video tutorials as well.

Happy Saving!

Savings Tip Of The Day: One Sour Grape Does Not Equal A Bad Bunch

I have mentioned this one before, but it needs to be repeated. CHECK THE CLEARANCE SHELF in your produce section of the grocery store.

These grapes were marked down to only $2 because of ONE grape being spoiled.

Or how about these tomatoes on 50% markdown for just one bad one as well.

It is hard enough to save mpney on fresh foods. Why on earth would I pay full price for these items when I can pay 50% less?! 

Always check the clearance racks...Always!


Happy Shopping!

Savings Tip Of The Day: Look Up….Way Up

Look High and Low.

When you are shopping, be sure to keep your eyes open and look high and low.

Manufacturers pay big bucks to have their products placed at eye level. The higher priced brands will be displayed where the majority of shoppers are bound to look.

ALWAYS look above and below eye level when browsing.

Happy Savings!