Giving Back – Warm Pants For Christmas

Giving Back – Warm Pants For Christmas


Judy Brander has been giving back to the community for years, she uses her coupon savvy, cooking skills and whatever she can to help….and she was at it again this holiday season!

She started a campaign to raise funds to purchase 100 pairs of warm thermal pants for our city’s homeless. By donating $20 you could help her provide a pair of pants. Giant Tiger Moncton helped out as well by donating to cover the taxes.


 How did you come up with the idea to do this?

“Natalie at Full Bellys ( she does the food boxes) was getting stockings together for the men and was saying she wanted warm pants. I thought we need to somehow raise the money to get the pants. So I started with the song 99 beers on the wall only 99 pants on the wall – asking family & friends to help by donating $20 for a pair of pants.”

Thank you to Santa and Mrs.Claus for stopping by today to give out snow pants and stockings to the men at the center and fun-filled purses and shoeboxes to the ladies. 


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Do you or someone you know give back to your community in a unique way? Perhaps you know someone who is doing great things in your area, but very few people know what is being done. I want to hear about what unseen projects are being done, or unique fundraising, or community support efforts are happening around the Maritimes.

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  1. They handed out the pants to the men, and different packs for the women at the center on Christmas Eve. Contact the Humanity Project if you need anything, they may have something on hand to help.

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