Giving Back – C103’s Community Santa & an awesome lady with a plan!


C103’s Community Santa recipient, Jackie, reached out to the Moncton Coupon Lady…here’s what happened:


C103 fm Moncton, a local radio station is running an awesome contest this holiday season! They are giving callers $100 to give back in the community. If you are the lucky caller each day, you will be challenged to use that $100 to the best of your ability to help out someone in the community. You can be creative and you have 24 hours to spend it.

On the weekend I received a message on the Moncton Coupon Lady facebook page asking for help. Jackie had $100 to spend and wanted to make a donation to The Humanity Project. Shortly thereafter she told me she had two other businesses (Fero Waste and Recycling Inc. & Riverview Superstore) who matched her $100, so now she had $300 to spend.

I spent some time figuring out what she would be able to get the best deals on with and without coupons. Then, knowing my good friend and fellow couponer Judy works closely with The Humanity Project, I asked for her help. She knew exactly what they needed the most and we worked collecting coupons from other local couponers (Alicia, Betty, Kerri, Heather, and Tina) and were able to plan a pretty great shop!
On Saturday, Jackie went to the Superstore in Riverview, who gave her $100 to spend, and she spent $140 on Eggs, Canned veggies, Pasta, Tomato Sauce, Juice an more. Then on Sunday morning, Jackie, Judy, and I, along with our little helper Cohen, went shopping. This is what we were able to do with coupons!

  • 60 Boxes of Aunt Jamima Pancake Mix $2.50 (reg), Price Matched $2 – $1 coupons = $1 / box
  • 22 Bags of Green Giant Frozen Veggies with Pasta $2.50 – $1 wyb2 (booklet/print)= $2 each
  • 20 Black Diamond Cheese Slice Pks $2.97 (reg), Price Matched $2.47 – $0.75 (booklet) = $1.72 each
  • 19 Quaker Brand Cereal $4 & $4.98 (reg), Price Matched $1.97 – $1 (tear pad) = $0.97 each


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  1. That’s so wonderful! You guys are amazing!

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