Celebrate Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day!

We are trying to add things to our everyday routines to help our Earth an make it a better place for future generations. Today is Earth Day and while we are making crafts and planting seeds as fun activities, we are also thinking about more ways we can improve our environment.


We recycle, plant vegetables each year and try to use reusable containers as much as possible.

Over the winter this year, I noticed our garbage at the curb seemed to be more than in the past. This has made me realize that we purchase too many items with packaging and waste far too much of what we bring in the house.

My goals for 2016 and helping reduce waste in our household include:

▪ Continue to make as much food as possible from scratch (breads, soups, sweets, smoothies, etc)
▪ Support more of our local producers (farmers, butchers, markets, etc )
▪ Take our gardening from container gardening on the deck, to gardening in the ground. Planting at least 10 different vegetables this summer.
▪ Declutter our home (so we don’t buy things we already may have in those junk boxes or the back of a closet!)
▪ Sell or donate toys no longer in use (before they get damaged or worn out by misuse or storage)
▪ Upcycle my clothing. I love to be creative and there are so many wonderful ideas for making your own unique clothing out of what you already have on hand.
▪ Start Composting!! This has been on my list for 2 years and this summer, it is going to happen. Just researching now to decide what we want to do.
▪ Try to take better care of the things we already have, so they last longer.
▪ Shut down and unplug electronics not in use. (This is a huge one for us. There are always things left plugged in.)

I am sure there are many more ideas and things I could be doing, but our family will start with these steps and hopefully add more in time.

So right now, I m headed back to crafting with my 3 yr old, and will post more pics and projects as we finish them.

Happy Earth Day!


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