Earth Day Craft – Coffee Filter Earth

As a mom who has a closet full of random craft supplies, and who every now and then is organized with planned crafts, I found myself on Earth Day with no plan. Wanting to make a couple of quick crafts with my preschooler, I put on my thinking cap and tried to recall some crafts I had seen online, or from playgroups.

I remembered seeing marbled earth crafts using shaving cream and food coloring that looked like lots of fun. Honestly, I didn’t feel like dealing with the mess, but will try that sensory craft another day, maybe with rainbow colors! Just as I was reaching for the paint and a paper plate, I remembered an easy coffee filter craft that would be perfect. We used Blue and Green to represent water and land, but this can be a fun craft any day of the year, using variations of colours. You could even make various sizes and colors to create the solar system.

This craft for Earth Day, or any day of the year, is easy and perfect for all ages.

My 3 yr old loved making this Earth Day Craft. It is quick and very simple. Keeping younger children’s attention through this project is easily accomplished, as each step in the process is short. Most children will love the last step the most! What child doesn’t like a spray bottle with water?

You will need:
• Coffee Filters
• Blue Marker
• Green Marker
• Spray Bottle
• Water
• scrap cardboard or plastic table cloth



Using blue and green markers, draw and fill in the entire surface of the coffee filter.


On a protected surface, cardboard or plastic table cloth, spray filter lightly with water.

Allow to dry.  These look great hung in a window or on the fridge. My son had a great time with this craft and was very excited to show it to his dad at the end of the day!


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