Coupon Lingo

Do the terms tear pads, call-ins, and inserts, all have you confused?
Not sure what WUB and MIR stand for?
The terms and abbreviations used in the couponing world can be confusing at first, so here is our list of common coupon lingo.

One Per Purchase = One Per Item (5 coupons for the Gillette Deodorant + 5 Gillette Deodorant being purchased = One Coupon Per Purchase)

One Per Transaction = One of that coupon in your entire order

In my opinion, the most misinterpreted term found on coupons is “One Per Purchase”. Almost every coupon printed today has the terms “one coupon per purchase”. Many people believe they cannot use more than one in their order. Understanding what this means is very important.
When a cashier questions it, you can kindly let them know that each item is a purchase (one coupon per item) and that you are purchasing them within one transaction (your order). There are some occasions when a coupon may state “one per person” or “one per transaction”, and in this case, you can only use one per visit.


Coupon Abbreviations
  • AC = After Coupon (the price after you use a coupon)
  • AR = After Rebate (final price after you get your rebate)
  • BOGO / B1G1 = Buy One Get One
  • BOGO FREE / B1G1 FREE = Buy One Get One Free
  • CZ = Coupon Zone Coupon (Loblaw’s/Superstore/No Frills)
  • FAR = Free After Rebate
  • FPC = Free Product Coupon
  • FT = For Trade
  • PRINT = Internet Printable Coupon
  • LF = Looking for
  • MAN = Manufacturer’s Coupon
  • MIR = Mail IN Rebate
  • NED = No Expiry Date
  • OOP = Out Of Pocket
  • PM = Price Match
  • HV = High Value (coupons)
  • RC = Rain Check
  • RRRLF = really, really, really looking for
  • SCOP = Scanning Code of Practice (Details and Store who participate)
  • SPC=Student Price Card
  • WYB / WUB = When you Buy



  • MO = Mail out (from company or site)
  • TP = Tear Pad
  • WS =
  • SS Smart Source Printable / Insert
  • SAVE =
  • PEELIE = Coupon on package
  • Pkg / PK = Coupon in Packaging (on the box or inside packs)
  • Mag = Coupon found in a magazine
  • CO51 = Cash Back App
  • Eclipsa = Cash back app



  • FPC = Free Product Coupon
  • FT = For Trade
  • PM = Private Message
  • RRRLF = really, really, really looking for
  • VWL = Virtual Wish List
  • Train = CLICK HERE for a description
  • Tear Pad = A Pad of Coupons or MIR near a product display
  • Peelie = Coupon you Peel Off A Product/Package
  • Call-In / Mail Out = Coupon you receive after either calling or emailing the Manufacturer or requesting through a coupon portal ( websaver,, zebracoupons, etc)
  • Insert = Coupons found in Newspaper inserts (usually 1- 2 times a month) There are 3 regular inserts that come out in Canada (Redplum, SmartSource, and Brandsaver)
  • Magazine = Coupons found in Magazines
  • Booklet = Coupons found in information or recipe booklets you find in stores or with magazine subscriptions.
  • Shopper`s Voice = Coupons mailed out to you from filling in the survey at Shopper`s Voice
  • Printable = Coupons printed from online sources (Our Extensive Printable’s List)
  • Hang Tag = Coupons found hanging on your door or hanging on a product (around the neck of a bottle)
  • Catalina = Coupon on the back or end of a receipt. 
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