What is a train? CHOO, CHOO (in relation to trading coupons)

What Are Coupon Trains?

Just like coupon trading, coupon trains are a great way to trade all those coupons you can’t use for coupons that you need.
The person who starts the train (conductor) puts together a bunch of coupons that she/he isn’t going to use, and posts on the group that she is starting a new train, and needs riders. The members who want to join let the conductor know their name, address, and any “wish list” they might have. The conductor types up a sheet with all that info and mails it to the first person on the list. That person takes out whatever coupons she/he wants, plus any that have expired or are about to, and replaces them with new ones of equal value. Then she/he mails it to the next person on the list.

1. Don’t add in a bunch of coupons nearing their expiration date. (there may be a date chosen that all coupons must expire later than)
2. Don’t add a ton of duplicate coupons. 3 of the same coupon is plenty
3. Pay attention to other people’s wishlists (if applicable) and try to put in coupons that they are searching for.
4. Be quick about getting the train in the mail to the next person. Within 48 hours is standard practice.

I hope this helps in understanding trains! Join in the fun on our Moncton Coupon Lady Chat page: CLICK HERE TO JOIN

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