Shopping With the MCL Team: Ashley’s Haul


Unlike our lovely admin, Natalie, I don’t tend to do big shopping trips each weekend as I am only shopping for 2 (with a little one on the way). I usually shop once every two weeks, buying things to stock up on and the usual fruit, veggies and meats. I love Walmart and their new Canada-wide price match policy, so I am definitely excited for when the Supercenter in Moncton officially opens its doors! I set high standards for myself when it comes to savings percentage, and if I cannot get an item for at least 50% off retail, I don’t usually buy it. I consider myself the queen of organization, and if you ask, I probably have an excel spreadsheet for just about everything (yes, including my shopping list). So, here’s a tidbit from my “stock up” trip this weekend:

Superstore: Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a sucker for Starbucks coupons, and will give just about anything to get them. I wanted to use up the last stack of coupons I had from trades and people just giving them to me, so the $2.00 each sale at Superstore on Trinity was great.
Each drink was $2.00 – $1.00 coupon = $1.00 each + $0.10 deposit.
I bought 29 of them (since that’s how many coupons I had), with loads left on the shelf. My receipt says 47% savings taking into account the deposit and tax I had to pay.
Total price before coupons: $68.44
Tax Paid: $7.54
Total coupons used: $29.00
Price After Coupons: $39.44
Percentage Saved (Not Including Tax and Deposit): 50%
Walmart: As previously mentioned, I love shopping at Walmart and I love price matching to save even more money! Here are the things I purchased using both coupons and Canada-wide price matching:
5 x Similac Mom (pm’d Lawtons) $8.99 – $10.00 Similac Mom Cheque = ($1.01 x 5) = $5.05 in overage J
5 x Mott’s Garden Cocktail (pm’d Metro QC) $1.66 – $0.50 tearpad = 1.16 each x 5 = $6.30*
*There was also a $0.10 deposit per item = $0.50
2 x Eggo Waffles (pm’d Longo’s ON) $2.49- $1.00 = $1.49 x 2 = $2.98
**None of these items are taxed
Total price before coupons: $58.73
Total coupons used: 54.50
Total OOP: 4.23
Percentage Saved: 93%
~ Ashley
Thank you Ashley for sharing your shopping with us. ~ Ruth Ann

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