Shopping with Natalie: Sobeys June 10th


Sobey’s June 10th

They are offering a new promotion on Tuesdays at Sobey’s (Moncton, Dieppe, Riverview and Shediac locations). For the past few weeks the promotion has been spend $10 on any fresh produce, get a coupon with your receipt for $10 off WUS (when you spend) $20 on anything in store. I believe you have until Saturday of that week to use the coupon. 
I decided that I would do 2 orders in 1 trip. 

I shopped for all the items I was buying today and at the cash, split the order into 2 transactions. 
The 1st just for produce, the second for other items. 

In my first order I purchased

It came to just over $10. 

Then I earned $1.75 back from cash back apps. ($.25 from CO51 for Bananas, + 3 x $.50 offers from Zweet for tomato, cucumber & orange!)

Then on my regular order I saw it as I great opportunity to use up some rain checks I had:

  • Hawaiian punch RC $.99-1 = FREE x 4
  • Pizza pockets RC $3.99 – $1 = $2.99
  • Bens hot dog buns RC $1.88
  • Salad dressing RC $1 x 2

Something I needed:

  • Fruit on the go $.39 x 6 = 2.34

And the best deals of the week:

  • Cheese whiz $2.99 – 1 = $1.99
  • Becel $2.99 – 1 = $1.99
  • miracle whip $2.99 – .75 = $2.24
  • Delissio $4.49 – 1 = $3.49
  • Pizza Kit $3.49 – .60 = $2.89

This order was $31, $22 after coupons, and then I used the $10 off WUS $20 and my total was $12. 

Total Out Of Pocket for everything shown in the photo was $23. 

I will definitely continue to shop at Sobey’s on Tuesday whenever they offer this promotion. Where else can you get $10 worth of FREE produce!

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